12 Halloween Party Ideas

12 Halloween Party Themes
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While Halloween is known for the costumes and the trick-or-treating, you can’t forget about the Halloween parties. And no Halloween party is complete without an awesome party theme. While some just set out some Halloween-themed party supplies, you can take your celebration to the next level.

Here at Wholesale Party Supplies, we love a good party theme, no matter what the occasion. Here are some of our favorite party ideas that would make a killer Halloween bash!

1. Goonies Party

Goonies Party Feature

HEY YOU GUYS! Here’s a party the full of nostalgia. Relive the adventure of Mikey, Chunk and the whole group of misfits this Halloween with your very own Goonies Party. There are so many treasures and references hidden inside this party idea. We hope it gets you chanting “Goonies never say die” along with us!

2. Stranger Things Party

Stranger Things Party Idea

We hope your walkie talkies are working because your friends aren’t going to want to miss out on this one. Radio them to grab their DnD gear and come over for a Stranger Things Party. Don’t forget the waffles or the Christmas lights. And Will, of course. But make sure you’re careful this Halloween. While we can help inspire a badass party theme, we can’t protect you from Demogorgons or the Upside Down.

3. Edgar Allan Poe Party

Edgar Allan Poe Party Idea

No one embraced the essence of the macabre quite like Edgar Allan Poe. And that’s why we felt he deserved a party in his honor. To cheer him up for once. Gather your literary friends and your favorites stories and poems for an Edgar Allan Poe Party inspired by his poem The Raven. 

4. Hocus Pocus Party

Hocus Pocus Party Idea

Since it’s premiere in 1993, Hocus Pocus has been a Halloween staple. We travel back to Salem and hope the Sanderson Sisters can be defeated before stealing the youthful essence from the town’s children. This Hocus Pocus Party Idea will have your guests under your spell. But you won’t need your spell book to conjure up this witchy Halloween party!

5. Classic Movie Monster Party

Classic Movie Monster Halloween Party Idea

Of all the things that go bump in the night, we recognize some more than others. If mummies, vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein are your favorites, this Classic Monster Party Idea is the one for you!

6. Tim Burton Party

Tim Burton Inspired Party Idea

When Halloween time hits, there’s no one more recognizable than the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington. Created by Tim Burton, Nightmare Before Christmas is a cult classic because it is the epitome of his style. This Tim Burton Inspired Party Idea recalls all the dark and creepy reason we all love about this iconic creator.

7. Monster Mash Party

Monster Mash Party Idea

Halloween doesn’t always have to be about the creepy and scary. That’s why we dreamed up this cute Monster Mash Party Idea. It features bright pops of color and monsters that won’t give your guests nightmares. If you’re looking for a family-friendly way to celebrate this Halloween, look no further.

8. Creepy Crawly Party

Creepy Crawly Party Idea

We don’t think bugs and reptiles ever meant to be creepy but with so many people afraid of them, they’re the perfect things to base a party around. The black and green color scheme helps make all the fears pop. This Creepy Crawly Party Idea has all of the fears covered so get ready to give your guests the heebie-jeebies.

9. Halloween Emoji Party

Halloween Emoji Party Idea

Maybe you find it scary that we can communicate solely using emojis. Or maybe you’re addicted to using this modern form of hieroglyphics. Either way, this Halloween Emoji Party Idea will be something worth texting over.

10. Halloween Masquerade Party

Halloween Masquerade Party Idea

Inspired by Carnevale, masquerades were the original costume parties. Wearing a mask helped keep identities a secret so that anyone could partake in debauchery. Now, they’re seen as elegant and mysterious. That’s why you should pull out all the stops this year with a Halloween Masquerade Party that everyone can enjoy.

11. Disney Villain Party

Disney Villain Party Idea

As kids, the Disney villains were pretty scary. They did everything in their power to keep the cartoon main characters from happiness. As adults, the villains might start to be more relatable than the idealist protagonists. No matter what ages are coming to your Halloween party, a Disney Villain theme will be a hit!

12. Monster High Party

Monster High Party Idea

Spooky school is in session! Each member of the Monster High student body has some pretty creepy parents. The classic movie monsters were reimagined as high schoolers and we can’t get enough of them. Throw the perfect Monster High Halloween Party and your pre-teens will scream!

It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween party. With these party ideas, we’re sure it’ll be your best bash yet! If you recreate any of these party ideas, or DIYed a celebration of your own, we’d love to see! Follow us on Pinterest, FacebookTwitter or Instagram and tag us in your Halloween party pics!

12 Halloween Party Themes

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