23 DIY Decorations for your Halloween Party

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The Best Halloween Decoration Ideas From Our Blog
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Halloween might be all about the costumes and candy, but you can’t forget about the epic parties. But a party is nothing without decorations. Luckily for you, Wholesale Party Supplies has got you covered this season with decorations for your Halloween party. Whether you’ve got a party theme or are just going for a general Halloween look, there’s a DIY decor project (or 23) for you.

1. Glowing Skull String Art

DIY Glowing Skull String Art

There’s no such thing a too many skulls for Halloween. This DIY glowing skull string art is a fun and easy way to add to your Halloween or party decor this season.

2. Sandworms of Saturn from Beetlejuice

DIY Sandworms of Saturn Beetlejuice Party Decorations

Bring the Sandworms of Saturn to life this Halloween at your Beetlejuice party. With a few supplies, you can recreate these sandworm decorations in no time!

3. Bones and Blossoms Wreath

DIY Bones and Blossoms Halloween Wreath

Just because it’s Halloween, it doesn’t mean your decorations can’t be pretty. This DIY bones and blossoms wreath is pretty scary. Hang it on your front door or add it to your party decorations this Halloween.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas Canvas Art

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Backlit Canvas Tutorial

Nothing says “this is Halloween” quite like a sign with a quote from an iconic song. Find out how to create this The Nightmare Before Christmas backlit canvas wall art in our step-by-step tutorial.

5. Pastel Ombre Skull Centerpiece

DIY Ombre Pastel Skull Centerpiece

Maybe black and orange aren’t your favorite color scheme. That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for Halloween. This DIY pastel ombre skull centerpiece is a cute but creepy way to decorate your home or Halloween party.

6. Throw Pillows

DIY Halloween Pillows

Make your guests feel comfortable by outfitting your couches and chairs with some spooky throw pillows. The best thing about this Halloween pillow tutorial is that sewing is optional!

7. Lanterns

DIY Halloween Lantern with FREE Printable Template

Indoor or outdoor, these DIY Halloween Lanterns will help light the way and set the mood this season. The template is available to print to make a recreation of this lantern spookily easy.

8. Mantle Trees

DIY Halloween Mantle Trees

Spooky trees can help set the mood, and sometimes it’s hard to find decorations that fit the space. These DIY Mantle Trees are the perfect way to add a little Halloween to your home decor without breaking the bank!

9. Tulle Wreath

DIY Tulle Wreath

Looking for something simple but still on theme? Why not try out this DIY Tulle Wreath? It’s easy to make but adds the perfect finishing touches to your space. The black tulle will help show your Halloween spirit without spooking anyone.

10. Googly Eye Vase

DIY Googly Eye Halloween Vase

All eyes will be on this vase. Do you see what we did there? A googly eye vase is a perfect way to put those subtle finishing touches when decorating your house for Halloween. Take a look at the tutorial to see how to make your very own vase.

11. Creepy Doll Terrarium

DIY Creepy Doll Terrarium

The only thing creepier than dolls are pieces of dolls. And that’s exactly what this Halloween DIY calls for. Dress up your table or mantle with the help of this DIY Creepy Doll Terranium tutorial for Halloween decor that will haunt your dreams forever.

12. Halloween Luminaries

DIY Halloween Luminaries

Mason jars have come a long way from the canning days. With so many other uses for the jars, it would be surprising to not see them incorporated into your Halloween decorations. These DIY Halloween luminaries are a great way to set the mood.

13. 3D Skull Picture Frame

DIY Skull Frame

Make your home look like it’s bursting with ghosts this Halloween with the help of this 3D DIY Skull Frame. With a few supplies, you can make the undead come out of your walls just in time for a Halloween party.

14. Hocus Pocus Spellbook

DIY Hocus Pocus Spellbook

Conjure up the perfect Halloween decor with a little bit of magic. And a lot of DIY skills. If you’re not sure which way to go with your holiday decorations, these DIY Spell Books are cryptic and creepy.

15. Monster Mash Table

DIY Monster Mash Table Legs

Round up all the little monsters you can for a Halloween celebration that will have everyone doing the Monster Mash. Decorating your house from top to bottom is easy. Dress up your table legs with this help of this DIY.

16. Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Channel your inner Tim Burton to create Halloween decorations this season. This centerpiece features Jack Skellington. It may be the nightmare before Christmas, but getting inspired by Halloweentown is perfect for a Halloween party.

17. Magic Mirror

DIY Magic Mirror

If there’s one way to find out if your Halloween party is going to be a hit, you’ll definitely need a magic mirror. Ask and you shall receive because here’s a DIY magic mirror tutorial that will have you channeling your inner Disney villain in no time.

18. Masquerade Centerpiece

Masquerade Centerpiece

Masquerades have been a party staple for decades. They’re about concealing your identity to have the time of your life. That’s why they’re perfect for Halloween. If you’re looking to throw an elegant masquerade here is a DIY centerpiece to fit the theme.

19. Haunted Mansion Centerpiece

DIY Haunted Halloween Mansion Centerpiece

There’s no better way to recall the things that go bump in the night than in a big, spooky mansion. Bring the mansion to your table with the help of this DIY haunted mansion centerpiece tutorial. You can build it using things you have around the house and recycle it when the party is over!

20. Halloween Photo Backdrop

Halloween Napkin Photo Backdrop

It’s not a party without pictures to prove that it happened. Create your own photo booth backdrop with napkins thanks to this tutorial. You can change the color scheme to match your party’s theme. You and your guests will be striking a pose in no time.

21. Boo Banner

DIY Boo Banner

If spooky isn’t your speed, you can still decorate for Halloween. There are plenty of decorations that are less scary and more family friendly. Take this Boo Banner for example. The colors, letters and images make it perfect for your Halloween party.

22. Halloween Mantle Decor

DIY Halloween Mantle

When you’re decorating your house for Halloween, don’t forget about the prime real estate on your mantle. From pictures to pumpkins, you can layer your decor to create a stunning focal point of the room. You might recognize the trees or the banner from this list, but don’t forget the other ideas featured in this Halloween mantle decoration post for inspiration!

23. Gothic Bottles

DIY Gothic Bottles

It seems that haunted houses are full of creepy bottles. You too can have some gothic bottles of your own with the help of this tutorial. The best part is that you can up-cycle some bottles you have around your house to complete this Halloween DIY.

We hope these DIY party decorations helped inspire you to take your Halloween party to the next level this year. If you recreated any of these crafts, or DIYed some decorations of your own, we’d love to see! Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tag us in your Halloween party pics!

The Best Halloween Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

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