21st Birthday Bash

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21st Birthday Bash
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21st Birthday Bash Table

Pop the champs and down a Jello shot! You’re bestie is turning 21! The long-awaited day where she can try any adult beverage she pleases (but note: can also be tried as an adult if she gets into trouble) has finally come!  Before your squad dances the night away, throw a little pregame bash with some sparkle to celebrate her 21st birthday! Go with a shiny silver and precious pink color palette and send confetti soaring into the air at the moment she turns legal! Make sure your girls are still feeling good the next morning when sending them to bed with a “Hot Mess Recovery Kit.”

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled and photographed this shimmering, milestone party idea. Be sure to visit her blog to see more of her crafty life hacks!


21st Birthday Invitation

Light pink isn’t just for baby showers and sweet sixteens anymore! Focus your efforts on the party itself and send a pink and white polka dot invitation to let your gang know where to be. Make sure all your girls know that this will be a sparkle filled event and throw some confetti into the envelope!


21st Birthday Table Close Up

Go with a shiny silver and precious pink color palette to set the scene for this party that’s due to go in the history books.  Make sure everyone knows where to get the bubbly and decorate a bar table as the main attraction. Hang a metallic curtain backdrop for some shine and float a set of large “21” balloons that can later be used for the perfect photo ops!

21st Birthday Table

Hang a sweet tablecloth garland on the front of the table for some texture and mix and match silver, pink and polka patterns throughout the party décor.

21st Birthday Crown

Don’t forget the birthday girl herself! Dress up that princess with a tiara and make her feel special for her birthday!

Food & Drink

21st Birthday Party Cake Toppings

A birthday party isn’t complete without a masterpiece cake. Take a stab at your cake decorating skills and turn a plain white cake into this sweet creation with the additions of some lollipops, sticks and colorful gumballs!

21st Birthday Cake and Jello Shots

And a 21st birthday party isn’t complete without the drinks! Consider mixing up these yummy concoctions filled in small plastic shot glasses displayed on cupcake stands:

Glittered Bottle and Glasses

Include an assortment of her favorite liquors and juices for mixing to satisfy everyone’ taste buds. No matter which drinks you decide on, make sure you enjoy them in some sparkling glasses! If you can’t find the style to coordinate with your party décor, consider making your own.


21st Birthday Tic-Tac-Toe

Even if you plan to dance your heels off at “da club” later in the night, some pre-game activities are needed to loosen everyone up and get them ready to party!

  • Pour some pretty drinks into shot glasses and play the adult version of tic tac toe or write special drinking tasks on Jenga pieces and play a round or two of the stacking game.

Champagne Confetti Poppers

  • After a big round of happy birthday and before you cut the cake, round everyone up for the ultimate group selfie with a sky filled with confetti!

21st Birthday Balloons


21st Birthday Favor Kit

With a 21st birthday bash filled alcoholic drinks, dancing til dawn and little sleep, chances are some of the girls may be feeling under the weather in the morning. To help them recover from this epic night, gift them each a hot mess recovery kit to help get them on the road to feeling great.21st Birthday Favor Bags

Include water for hydration, aspirin for headaches, snacks for the munchie craving and mints so they smell minty fresh. Use stickers to personalize the favor bags or add little messages to the mint tins.

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