12 Halloween Recipes for Your Party

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The Best Halloween Recipes From Our Blog
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Halloween parties aren’t just about the costumes or the decorations. You need some grub to keep your guests happy. But why put out the normal spread when you can take things to the next level.

From creepy to cute, there’s a Halloween party recipe that’s perfect for your monster mash. While some of the final products make look unappetizing, your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they sink their teeth in.

No matter what you’re Halloween party theme, Wholesale Party Supplies has the perfect recipes for you to recreate this October. Check out this list for all the spooky recipes we’ve put out so far.

1. Bloody Heart Cake

DIY Bloody Heart Cake

This one is not for the faint of heart! While it might not be the most kid-friendly recipe, if you recreate this Bloody Heart Cake this Halloween, it’ll be a dish to remember. The gore factor is at an 11 with this cake that’s more like a work of art.

2. Jello Eyeballs

DIY Jello Eyeballs

Forget the bowls full of peeled grapes! These gelatin eyeballs will have your guests doing a double take. Use these eyes to finish off a food masterpiece, or place them around the food table as an added treat. Watch how your friends will react to these realistic, edible eyeballs.

3. Copper Bones Cookies

DIY Copper Bones Cookies

These cookies are the key to the perfect Goonies-themed Halloween party. Unlock your parties potential with the help of these Copper Bones Cookies. After a hard day hunting down One-Eyed Willie’s treasure or escaping the Fratelli brothers, you’ll want your guests to have a sweet treat.

4. Werewolf Iced Sugar Cookies

Werewolf Iced Sugar Cookies

Don’t be surprised when your guests wolf these cookies down. Sugar cookies are a staple for any holiday, but it’s how you ice them that counts. These Werewolf Cookies are perfect for transforming your party into a monster mash. No moon required!

5. Monster High Pie Pops

Monster High Skull Pie Pops

Monster High is just as scary as any other high school. Except it’s got famous movie monsters on the PTA. This Halloween, throw a party that’s Monster High-themed and get creative with your desserts. These Skull Pie Pops are super cute and super tasty.

6. Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes

Gravestone Cupcakes Recipe

We like to think these cupcakes are to die for. Turn your dessert table into a graveyard with the help of this Gravestone Cupcake recipe. This party food is all about the presentation so feel free to personalize each grave. Don’t be surprised when all the ghouls and ghosts gather around for a grave of their own.

7. Tim Burton Sugar Cookies

Tim Burton Sugar Cookies

Tim Burton has created so many creepy characters over the years that people love dressing up as on Halloween. That’s why you should honor the man with these Tim Burton Sugar Cookies. Whether you’re throwing a party in honor of all his fan-favorite movies, or just one themed around your pick, you can hand paint cookies with your favorite characters.

8. Day of the Dead Cookies

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Cookies

While we know that Day of the Dead and Halloween are two different holidays, they’re so close together that we thought we’d share these Sugar Skull Cookies on this list. Dia de lo Muertos is an honoring of the friends and loved ones we’ve lost. While you’re creating your altars and enjoying traditional Mexican meals, have a sweet treat end the holiday!

9. Vampirina Cookies

Vampirina Decorated Cookies

Feed your best ghouls and ghosts some adorably delicious cookies this Halloween. These Vampirina decorated cookies will drive all your guests batty. These are the perfect treats to serve at your family-friendly Halloween party!

10. Beetlejuice-Themed Cameo Cookies

Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies

Barbara and Adam had to practice hard to try and scare the Deetz family from their house. They tried many things to no avail, before calling in Beetlejuice to get the job done. These Beetlejuice-themed cameo cookies feature the faces the Maitlands pulled to try to spook the living from their house.

11. Stranger Things Cookies

Stranger Things Decorated Cookie Tutorial

This summer we headed back to Hawkins for season 3 of Stranger Things and even though it was set during the summer, it was a spooky, wild ride. A Stranger Things watch party is a perfect activity for the Halloween season. Serve your guests up some of the coolest cookies around. Recreate these Stranger Things cookies by following our step-by-step tutorial.

12. Pastel Witch Cookies

Pastel Witch Decorated Sugar Cookie Tutorial

No matter which way you think about it, witches and Halloween go hand in hand. These pretty pastel witch cookies also feature some feline friends. They’re cute and trendy, making them perfect for all of your best witches to enjoy this Halloween!

We hope you enjoyed this wide range of Halloween-themed recipes that you can recreate at your parties this season. If you do, we’d love to see them! Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tag us in your Halloween party pics!

The Best Halloween Recipes From Our Blog

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