April Showers DIY Photo Booth Backdrop

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April Showers DIY Photobooth Backdrop
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FINALLY! Winter is over! No more snow, no more cold! Throw on your shorts and sundresses, and prepare for summer – well, almost. Springtime is here, and we’re all happy about it. But, despite the warmer weather and the occasional perfect day, it’s still kind of gloomy. Those great summer days are inching closer, but for now, we’re stuck with those never-ending rainstorms. Have no fear, though, because as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers!” So we’re not too far off!

Besides, who doesn’t enjoy the occasional rainy day? Sure, it’s wet out there, but you’re in here, so curl up on the couch and watch a movie or read a book and just relax. Here at Wholesale Party Supplies, we think that’s worth celebrating! Since we can’t go outside, turn your gloom into glam with this glittering DIY April showers backdrop! How cute and perfect for an April birthday or baby shower. It’s easy to make with minimal supplies, and once it’s up, the photo possibilities are endless. Weather (get it?) you just want to take a pic with the little ones, or you’re looking for something to spice up a party, this is the perfect DIY for you!

April Showers DIY Photobooth BackdropFor this project you will need:

April Showers DIY Photobooth Backdrop Step 1

Start by tearing the box at the corner seam so you have one big flat piece.

Draw a lumpy shape that stretches from end to end.

Fluff out all of your fluffies- if you want various sizes you can trim them down before fluffing.

Place the fluffies on your cardboard until you like the layout- you can trim excess cardboard if it is too visible.

April Showers DIY Photobooth Backdrop Step 2

Use the awl to poke a hole in the cardboard and pull the strings for the fluffies through.

Pull them taut and secure the line with tape.

April Showers DIY Photobooth Backdrop Step 3

To fill in any bare spots, poke a finger into the center of the coffee filter to make it into a cone and twist the point.

Use the awl to poke holes and pull the tip of the filters through.

Open two jumbo paper clips into the letter “C” or “S” and push each one through the top ends on either side of your cloud banner to make hangers.

April Showers DIY Photobooth Backdrop Step 4

The starburst balloon pieces make perfect raindrops. Inflate them all, then tape down the tabs at the end.

Apply one piece of double-sided tape to the tapered end of the drop- slightly higher midway.

April Showers DIY Photobooth Backdrop Step 5

Use masking or painter’s tape to hang 2 sections of metallic fringe- overlap if needed to make it the same width as your clouds.

TIP: Test to tape to make sure it won’t peel the paint or wallpaper!!

Cut streamers to the length of the metallic fringe and tape them up. Evenly space them across.

Hang the clouds using the balloon stickups or Command™ Hangers.

Randomly arrange the raindrops and stick them to the fringe.

Pick some cute props like umbrellas, raincoats, rain hats, etc. to keep near

April Showers DIY Photobooth Backdrop

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Here’s a pic for baby shower board, April birthday board or DIY photobooth board!

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