Robot Science Atomic Chandelier DIY

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Science Party Atomic Chandelier
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Ever want to try out those cool coordinated table displays you always see on Pinterest but have a pesky dining room table chandelier that gets in the way? Consider incorporating this light piece into your party display! Use some simple party items to convert your modern light fixture into an atom chandelier for your science birthday party!

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs.

Science Party Atomic Chandelier Supplies


Science Party Atomic Chandelier Step 1

Wrap colorful crepe streamers around each hula hoop, using tape to secure in place.

Science Party Atomic Chandelier Step 2

Safety first! Before completing this step, make sure your light is turned off and has cooled down after it’s last use.  Next, wrap your light fixture in a black tablecloth and use a zip tie to secure.  Hang the hula hoops over the light in a criss-cross pattern. Use additional zip ties, if desired.

Blow up some balloons and insert them inside the hula hoops to create the nucleus of your atom! Add additional little balloons on the hula hoops if you want to add your electrons!

Science Party Atomic Chandelier Step 3

Your atom chandelier is done and ready to hang over your super science birthday party.

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