Baby Shark Party Ideas

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Baby Shark Party Ideas
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No one can escape the viral Baby Shark song that’s been blasted on YouTube, radio stations, and stadiums around the world since 2016. This catchy song features a family of sharks and their adventures in the sea. They each have their own hand movements and you can’t help singing or dancing along wherever it’s playing.  Baby Shark is now a brand of toys, a soon-to-be TV show and a great birthday party theme for your little guppy.

No one loves Baby Shark and the rest of the shark family more than little kids. The song can keep them singing and dancing for hours. Put all that excited energy to good use with a Baby Shark-themed birthday party. With all their favorite characters featured on the party supplies, they’ll be ready to dive right into the birthday fun. Planning the perfect birthday party will go swimmingly if you follow along with our party guide. Cue up the song and start your party planning!

Our party stylist, Tara, will teach you all the tips and tricks to make a splash. See what other parties, DIYs and more she’s diving into on her blog at Spot of Tea Designs.

Baby Shark Party Invitations

Baby Shark Party Invitation Baby Shark Party Invitation Baby Shark Party Invitation

Round up your school of shark friends for this jawsome birthday party using these colorful Baby Shark Invitations! Personalize with all the party details, making sure to list yourself, Mommy or Daddy Shark, as the RSVP.

Baby Shark Party Decorations

Baby Shark Party Decorations

Guests will think they’re under the sea with the sharks themselves when seeing this dessert party decked out in shades of blue. Use tinsel curtains as a backdrop to give the shimmering ocean effect. Many chose to pair their Baby Shark party with a balloon garland cascading over their table, but give this alternative a go.

Baby Shark Party Banner

Opt for a collection of different sizes of paper plates in different shades as bubbles cascading down the sides.  Hang a personalized banner on top to make the birthday child feel extra special.

Baby Shark Party Ideas

Tip: get your birthday girl or boy to stand in front of their party display or personalized banner and showcase their age with their fingers! It could be a yearly tradition you start until they’re double digits!

Baby Shark Party Decorations

Let friends get cozy to the large cardstock stand up of the Baby Shark family for photo opts.

Baby Shark Party Activity Sheet Baby Shark Party Activity Sheet

Entertain friends while waiting for the party host to cut the cake with a personalized activity sheet at each seat.

Baby Shark Party Table

Lay these over a themed tablecloth and include tins for crayons.

Baby Shark Tableware Box

Tip: Keep the plates, napkins and cutlery packs in the center of the table, out of the way of the activity sheets until it’s time to get down to eating!

Baby Shark Party Food & Drink

Baby Shark Party Food Table

Soon there will be a time when all the kids will want to go hunt… for snacks! Create a snack station with treats inspired by sea creatures that share the ocean with this shark family.

Baby Shark Party Food

There are lots of varieties of fish crackers, even ones that are made of pretzels!  Tip: add these treats, like Swedish fish, in round glass bowls, like fishbowls!

Baby Shark Party Personalized Lollipops

Disguise your Styrofoam disc as a barnacle-covered in seaweed and display a few rows of personalized lollipops, choosing your shark character of choice.

Baby Shark Party Personalized Water Bottles Baby Shark Party Personalized Water Bottles

Create a drink station for extra refreshments. Personalize water bottles with labels of the birthday child’s name or fun themed phrasing like “ocean water.”

Baby Shark Party Juice

Or if you feel your guests need something more fruity, keep your eye out for themed juice boxes, like these organic Juicy Waters fruit punch boxes from Juicy Juice.

Baby Shark Party Food

Tip: stop from having a bunch of hangry preschoolers by offering some crunchy seaweed (aka Veggie Straws) in easy to grab cups on the eating table. Add shark family stickers to dress it up and fit the theme.

Baby Shark Party Cake Baby Shark Party Cake

Looking for more sugary Baby Shark food ideas? Ditch the tasteless fondant for an easy-to-create cake decoration made from your craft supply stash.

Baby Shark Party Cake

Grab the free template and see how to make your own Baby Shark cake that will be the focus on the party scene!

Give these royal icing cookies a try and feature all of the Baby Shark characters in yummy, sugar form!

Check out more shark party food ideas here.

Baby Shark Party Activities

Baby Shark Party Games Baby Shark Party Games

There are so many ocean-themed games out there! Create party game stations for kids to break into groups and try them all!

Baby Shark Party Favors

Baby Shark Party Favors Baby Shark Party Favors Baby Shark Party Favors

Little kids LOVE to grab a loot bag a favor box on their way out of a party! Put together a cute under the sea collection friends can enjoy at home and top it off with a personalized tag.

  • Goldfish crackers
  • Personalized lollipop
  • Crab Squirter
  • Blue Playdoh

We hope this Baby Shark party guide will help you dive right into the party planning. With these tips and tricks in mind, we’re sure your Baby Shark party will cause a splash!

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Baby Shark Party Ideas

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