Bean Bag Toss Game

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A fun to play and easy to make party game for kids!

cornhole beanbag game

Also called Corn Hole, a good old-fashioned Bean Bag Toss party game is very easy to adapt to a variety of party themes.  And because the bean bag target can be as simple as a wastebasket or bucket or as challenging as a spinning hoop hanging from a tree, this party game is suitable for any age group. Regardless of how you choose to play, a bean bag toss is guaranteed to supply party fun!

Game Materials:
The materials you’ll need will vary but here are the basics for making your own bean bag toss game. You’ll find suggestions below for more game variations.

  • Three to five small socks
  • Dried beans
  • Rubber bands
  • Cardboard box, foamcore or plywood
  • Box cutter (adults only!!!)
  • Kid-safe paint and brushes (optional)
  • Masking tape

Before the Party:

  1. Pour beans into the socks, leaving enough room for the beans to move freely.
  2. Tie the end of the socks or close the ends with a rubber band around the cuff.
  3. Make a target out of the cardboard box, plywood or foamcore (available at office or craft stores).
  4. Decorating the target is optional.
  5. Paint the board with a fun design to match your party theme such as an animal, castle, baseball diamond and so on.
  6. Use the box cutter (adults only) to cut out holes large enough for the bean bags to go through. Make larger holes for younger children or even just one big hole like the mouth of a lion.

Party Time:

  1. Place a strip of tape on the floor or make a mark on the grass if you are outdoors.
  2. Set the box a reasonable, but challenging distance from the mark you’ve made with tape.
  3. Gather the kids and explain the object of the game if necessary.
  4. The players will then take turns trying to get all of the bean bags into the hole.
  5. Keeping score is optional, but at birthday parties it’s appropriate to award each player with a small prize when their turn is completed.

Party Game Suggestions:

  • Draw or paint a monkey face on the box. Cut a hole for the mouth ans make yellow banana bean bags.
  • Draw or paint a hippo face with a great big hole for the mouth.
  • Use a cowboy hat or boots for a target.
  • Make a challenging target by hanging a hula hoop from a tree using twine.
  • Cut more holes in a larger box and mark each hole with a point value…5, 10, 15 and so on.
  • Toss bean bags into the back of a toy dump truck.
  • Toss the bean bags into a toy stroller or grocery cart.
  • For a pirate party theme, mark a large “X” on a piece of brown paper.
    Lay the paper on the ground. Players will try to toss the bean bags on the “X”
  • Use a beach pail for a target when you are having a beach or pool party.
  • A plastic flower pot makes a great target with a garden party.
  • Make ladybug bean bags with red socks and a black marker. Toss the socks onto a leaf target made with green paper.
  • Draw a baseball diamond on the box and cut a hole at each base for a baseball party.
  • Hang a small net-less basket ball hoop on a fence.
  • Make bean bag goldfish with orange socks and a black marker. Then toss the fish into a goldfish bowl which has been painted on a box.