Beetlejuice Themed Decorated Cookies

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Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies
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Some may say Beetlejuice is the best film Tim Burton has ever created but we’re not here to pick sides. We’re hear to talk about the other side, the afterlife. Tim Burton merged two separate worlds where the deceased and the living can learn to live among each other in harmony. The hard part was deciding on how to decorate the house. If ghosts were haunting your house but they were good-natured and kind-hearted, what would you do? The Maitlands and the Deetzes got off to a rocky start but the movie proves that compromise is possible. It helps to have a strange and unusual human to mediate like Lydia Deetz and you don’t call Betelguese by name.

Perhaps a tray of homemade cookies will help you bond with the spirits in your house. Try out these Barbara and Adam portrait cookies that are sure to be a hit at your Beetlejuice party.

Cherylin from @treat_yo_self_treats baked and decorated these cameo cookies. She photographed them and wrote about her step by step process below. These cookies are ispired by the art of Carben Design Studio’s Barbara and Adam Decals.

Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies

What you will need:

  • Frame shape cookie cutter. I used Sweet Sugar Belle’s plaque shape from her shapeshifter set, but you can use any oval or rectangle shape to make the frame.
  • Cookie dough chilled and ready to cut. My favorite dough recipe can be found here
  • Royal icing. My recipe can be found here
  • Black gel food coloring.
  • 2 – #2 tips for icing
  • #1 tip for details
  • 3 piping bags with couplers
  • Edible food marker. I prefer Bakerpan fine tip for the details.
  • Black petal dust. This can be found at your local craft store in the baking section. Along with a clean brush.

Getting Started

-Prepare a cookie dough recipe of your choice or my favorite one here. Chill the dough and roll it out using a rolling pin. Using your cookie cutter, cut out the shapes from the dough. Re-roll the dough with scraps until you use the majority of the dough. Chill the cut shapes for a half hour in the fridge to decrease the chance of spreading during baking.

-Bake your cookies according to the recipe you’re using, and allow to cool completely. In the meantime, mix up the royal icing. My go-to recipe can be found here. The recipe I provided makes enough for 4 batches of cookies that yield about 12 cookies per batch. Divide the icing recipe if necessary, as it can be halved or quartered. I always like to have more icing than I need though.

-Color about half of the icing black, and then divide out about half of that black icing into another bowl. Thin the icing down to a flood consistency using a very little bit of warm water at a time. It should be the consistency of shampoo for reference. Take your white bowl and thin to this consistency as well.

-The remaining black should be thinned slightly to your outline consistency. This will be around the consistency or toothpaste. It will hold its shape but is not too stiff.

-Prepare your icing bags with couplers and use the #2 tips on the flood icing and the #1 tip on the thicker outline black icing.

Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies Step 1

-Once your cookies are cool, you can start decorating. Using an edible marker, map out the design for the frames. You can design your frames however you want, but keep in mind that there are 2 in a set, one for Barbara and one for Adam. So whatever design I came up with on one, duplicate it for the other.

Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies Step 2

-Once you’ve planned out your frames, pipe in the details using your black stiffer outline icing.

Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies Step 3

-Allow this to dry about 1-2 hours before flooding the entire middle section with white. This allows the details to firm up a bit. Allow this part to dry 8-10 hours (faster under a fan), until completely dry.

Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies Step 4

Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies Step 5

-Once the white is completely dried, use the template for Adam and Barbara and trace the outlines of their silhouettes.

Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies Step 6 Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies Step 7

-Using the stiff black outline icing, pipe on top of the outline for the silhouettes, and then fill with the thinner black flood icing.

Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies Step 8

-To add an aged and antique look, wait for the white to dry completely and using the black petal dust and a clean brush, brush some of the dust onto the edges of the white background. This adds a little dimension and age to the design.

Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies Beetlejuice Decorated Cameo Cookies

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