Bones and Blossoms Party

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Bones and Blossoms Halloween Party
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Ready for a Halloween look that is a little less traditional? Grab your ghoul-friends and host a bootiful Bones and Blossoms luncheon. When traditional and orange and black just won’t do, try bright and cheerful flowers, with a side of skeleton twist. You don’t have to love the same old colors but you can still include that spooky spirit.

This party was styled and designed by Kylie from Made by a Princess. Head over to her blog for more party tips, recipes, and free printables.

Bones & Blossoms Party Invitations

Bones and Blossoms Invitations

Need something a little different? A little unexpected? Personalize this spooky floral invitation (intended for Day of the Dead) is perfect for those that appreciate the pretty things in life with a side of darkness. Springtime parties shouldn’t have all the floral fun, right? Let your guests know they are invited to a unique and feminine Halloween party like nothing they have ever seen before!

Bones & Blossoms Party Decorations

Bones and Blossoms Decorations

A simple black backdrop made with black plastic table covers is the perfect canvas for showing off the giant skull wall cutouts, gold paper pinwheels, and bright crepe paper blossoms. The gold pinwheels add a bit of elegance and the 3D flowers add a feminine touch.

Bones and Blossoms Decoration Details

Who said a skull candy bowl is just for candy?! You can fill the candy bowl with silk flowers or you can opt to use fresh flowers in red, pink, yellow, and orange. Make sure to use floral wet foam bricks to keep your flowers upright and fresh.

Aqua glass votives tie in the aqua flowers used throughout the design. These can be filled with candy, flowers, or tea lights. Simple glass skull bowls filled with black jelly beans serve a double purpose…treats for nibbling while chatting with friends and a vessel for photo props.

Little touches go a long way. You can easily add mini paper flowers to utensils with a pack of blossoms from your local craft store and a glue gun. If you are feeling extra crafty hot glue a silk flower to plastic skull wine glasses. When the party is over just pull them off and reuse for another party.

Bones & Blossoms Party Food

Bones and Blossoms Party Food

You’ll have to figure out what to serve before you get your table set to perfection with all of the bones and blossoms tableware. Themed food is so much fun and Halloween themed drinks will look extra in these skull goblets and skull mugs. Here are some ideas of you can serve at your Bones and Blossoms party:

  • Deviled Eggs
  • Chips and “Guacamoldy”
  • Pumpkin Soup
  • Coffin Sandwiches – cut your favorite party sandwiches to look like coffins
  • “Spare a Rib” – spare ribs cooked in BBQ sauce
  • Brains and Eyeballs – spaghetti with meatballs
  • Skeleton Bone Cookies – shortbread “fingers” covered in powdered sugar
  • Graveyard Cups – chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate cookies, half Mint Milano with “RIP” written in black gel
  • Blood Orange Rum Punch – Blood orange juice, berry soda, lime juice, rum, fresh berries, and blood orange slices to garnish
  • Vampire Kiss Milkshake – vanilla ice cream, white crème de cacao, almond liquer, and grenadine

Bones & Blossoms Party Activities

Bones and Blossoms Halloween Party Activities

Activities at a grown-up party can be tricky depending on the crowd. Guests usually fall into two categories: those that love games and those that don’t. If you have a group that loves to play games a Murder Mystery party can be a lot of fun. Here are some more game ideas for you to consider:

  • Name the Ghoul or Villain – Pin a piece of paper on each guest as they arrive. The guest then asks yes or no questions until they figure out who their ghoul or villain is.
  • Halloween Movie Trivia – Create a Halloween movie trivia game and have your guests fill it out to test how much they know about spooky scary movies.
  • Halloween Jenga – Make Halloween action labels for Jenga pieces with things like, “Make a monster sound”, “Pretend you’re a witch”, “Trick”, “Treat”, “dare”, “Drink”, etc…
  • Mad Lab – Fill bowls with things like noodles, skinned grapes, hard boil eggs, beef jerky mashed bananas, cooked baby carrots, and mini hot dogs and have guests close their eyes while they feel around the bowl. Sure to creep them out!
  • Spooky photo props will give even shy folks a reason to take a selfie! Bonus points for creating a gallery of memories of your Halloween bash.

Bones & Blossoms Party Favors

Bones and Blossoms Halloween Party Favors

Send guests home with a black and white swirled lollipop topped with a silk flower to remember your fun and unique bones and blossoms party.

Party styled and designed by Kylie from Made by a Princess. Head over to her blog for more party tips, recipes, and free printables.

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