Christmas Countdown Plate Craft

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Everyone gets excited for something. We all know that all-too-familiar prickling feeling of excitement that makes days feel like months and minutes feel like hours. We all try not to get overly excited, but it never does any good. No matter how much we try to brush it off, it always, eventually builds up until we can’t take it. Waiting is hard.

It’s especially hard if you’re six, and waiting for that magical of all magical days: Christmas. So to help you interrupt the endless “how-many-more-days-until-Christmas?” loop, we’ve got this quick and easy “Santa Clause Countdown” craft for kids to whip up and use. We’ve also included a “Winter Break Countdown” version if you’d like to employ this project as a holiday party activity in the classroom.


Countdown 2

  • Paper plate. Any size paper plate will do (A 7” plate was used here)
  • Paper strips measure 7” x 1”
  • Printed title block measures 2 5/8” x 1 1/8” (PDFs to print: Winter break and Santa countdown)
  • Title block mat measures 3” x 1 ½”
  • Foam adhesive dots
  • Glue stick
  • Stapler

Countdown 3

Step one:

  • Fold paper strip in half.
  • Slide folded strip over plate.
  • Glue loop to plate on the front and back.

Countdown 4

Step two: Staple through loop and plate for added security.

Step 5

Step three: Glue strips together to create linked chain.

Countdown 6

Step four:

  • Glue title block to mat.
  • Add foam adhesive dots to back of title block.
  • Attach title block to plate, covering staple.

Countdown 7

Attach plate to wall with either painter’s tape or easy release wall adhesive strips.

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