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Oh holy night! The stars are brightly shining! Or in this case, the candles are! While the holiday season is full of beautiful sights to see during the daytime hours, the night brings just as much beauty. Picture a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, a Yule log cracking and burning in the fireplace or a the sparkle of moonlight on a frosty lawn. Make these mason jar Christmas luminaries and you’ll be able to add one more item to the list of beautiful items seen at night.

This Christmas, don’t just light up the tree. Light up your night with these easy to make, decorative holiday lights! It’s the perfect way to make sure your holiday season is bright and jolly. Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled and photographed these glowing jars of joy! Take a trip over to her blog to see more inspirational posts for every season.

Use our free template to easily create the designs seen here.

Christmas Luminaries Supplies


If you previously followed along with our Halloween luminaries, you’ll notice we changed up a few steps and provided more tips on this project, to improve your crafting experience. You’re welcome!

christmas-luminaries-2-templateFirst, clean the inside and outside of your jars. Cut the printable template in a height that will fit inside your jar. Curl it and insert it and you should see it through the glass.

christmas-luminaries-3-traceUse a fine tip paint pen and trace the template that shows through. Remember, this template is just a GUIDE so feel free to free form draw or edit the design as needed.

Tip: Rest your hand on the glass as you draw so it stabilizes you and you don’t slip and make a mark where you didn’t want one!

Use the broad tip paint pen to slowly fill in the larger spaces. If you go too fast, the coverage tends to get thin! Once complete, remove the template from inside the jar and double check you have no holes in your design. Allow the jar to dry for a few hours, if not overnight. This will make sure the design fully sets and you don’t smudge it upon doing additional steps.

christmas-luminaries-4-paintUse a sponge brush to apply thin coats of paint on the inside of the jars. Allow each layer to dry thoroughly! Our jars used two coats.

christmas-luminaries-final3 christmas-luminaries-final2Insert a candle inside and put on display. Now you can sit back and picture yourself snacking on roasted chestnuts and singing holiday carols by candlelight made by you!

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