Cozy Boho Birthday Party

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Cozy Boho Birthday Party Ideas
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When the trees drop their leaves and frost builds up on the windows, sometimes you don’t want to fight the urge to curl up under a fluffy blankey and let the warmth of hot cocoa wash over you as you slide into a dreamlike reverie. The search for comfort during the months of a dreary winter can be found in a pair of fuzzy slippers or a sweet buttery treat. And since it’s currently below freezing and snow is lurking in the not-too-distant future, we’re happily adapting the Danish concept of Hygge to suit a bohemian free-spirit style. This party is sure to fit like a crocheted glove in winter.

Got a tween girl who beats to her own drum? Check out our list of ideas and tips for a Boho Birthday Party plan that’s one-half Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) and one-half pastel bohemiana party sure to capture all the coziness of the occasion and a few dreams too. Please curl up and keep reading and we’re sure you’ll warm up to this wonderful winter party idea.

Cozy Boho Party Invites

Cozy Boho Birthday Party Invites

These Boho Birthday Postcard Invitations perfectly announce the party’s theme … as well as all the details. The included envelopes and sticker seals make it easy to post these dream-catcher shaped cards.

Cozy Boho Party Decorations

Cozy Boho Birthday Party Decorations

Fluffy pillows and soft blankets invite guests to settle in by the fire and enjoy each other’s company. Pull décor colors from the Boho Birthday Girl Tableware. We used touches of mint, light pink, coral and touches of gold to fashion a warm and cozy space.

Cozy Boho Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Because a blazing fire is key to creating Hygge, draw even more attention to it by embellishing your mantel. Frame Boho Birthday Girl Cut-Outs for impact then flank them with a trio of Faux Wood Trees and some frosted bottle brush evergreens.  Add a Boho Birthday Girl Pennant Banner and a grouping of Gold Foil Dot Tea Lights for that final sparkling touch.

Cozy Boho Birthday Party Table

Dress the food table with layered linens. We started with a solid Mint Green Table Cover than added a Boho Birthday Girl Tablecloth on top. Next, we centered a Burlap Table Runner over both for added texture and color.

Cozy Boho Birthday Party Tableware

Cozy Boho Party Food

Cozy Boho Birthday Party Food

Nothing says cozy more than hot chocolate. Offer guests a plethora of sweet additions so they can customize their own. Set out whipped cream, crushed peppermints and marshmallows embellished with feathers (TIP:  Simply attach feathers to bamboo skewers by wrapping Hemp Cording around them both and securing with an adhesive dot). For added color and yumminess, fill bowls with Pink Gumballs and gold wrapped hazelnut truffles.

Cozy Boho Birthday Party Food Ideas

In the true spirit of Hygge, keep the menu simple. All of our confections were store bought which allowed us time to add hand crafted accents for thematic pop. For an added feminine touch, set goodies atop Frills Frosting Doilies.

Cozy Boho Party Fun

Cozy Boho Birthday Party Activities

Throw a fuzzy blanket and fluffy pillows on the floor then gather girls around a low table to craft a Boho dream catcher. Get the DIY tutorial HERE. Best part of this activity is that it requires no glue! Guests can take their catchers with them and hang them up at home as a pretty reminder of their cozy time spent with friends.

Cozy Boho Party Favor

Cozy Boho Birthday Party Favors

Send guests home with cozy reminders of the special time shared together. Super soft, warm socks and their very own “Let’s Get Cozy!” personalized mug are perfect gifting options. Transform a Clear Candy Tube filled with Pink Gumballs into a fun arrow treat by attaching glitter paper shapes to the outside.  Finally, a Pink Dot Personalized Luggage Tag is a cute and practical way to gift favor bags.

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