Creative Halloween Party Favors

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When guests leave your Halloween party, you want to send them home with more than just memories. Check out our list of the top ten creative party favors you can prepare for those attending your ghoulish gathering!

15. Bugs & Kisses Bucket

Bugs and Kisses

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This first favor is both a trick and a treat. Print out a banner to put on small buckets or baskets, then fill the container with Hershey’s Kisses and plastic spiders. Get it now? Bugs and Kisses. Make this favor.

14. Playful Pencils

Playful Pencils

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Isn’t everything more fun when googly eyes are involved? Paste a few onto pom poms then stick the pom pom onto the eraser end of your favorite pen or pencil. Make this favor.

13. Black Cat Candy Pouch

Black Cat Candy Pouch

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Start your cat by applying black acrylic paint to the bottom of two small paper plates. With scissors, some construction paper and a little bit of creativity, you’re on your way to having one of these adorable pouches. Make this favor.

12. Going Batty Take-Out Box

Batty Take Out

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Use a standard take-out box (you know, the kind your fried rice comes in) and turn it into a bat that holds your child’s candy. This favor goes perfectly with any witch, vampire or Batman costume. Make this favor.

11. Felt Favor Bags

Felt Favor Bags

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There’s no rocket science or crazy sewing projects involved with these fun felt treat bags. Just apply some silly faces that you cut out of sticky craft foam and you’ve got your goodie bag jack-o-lantern or ghost. Make this favor.

10. Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason Jar Jack O Lantern

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Tissue paper and mason jars are the two main ingredients that you’ll need for one of these creative Halloween favors. Don’t forget to stick a glow-stick inside your lantern for optimum illumination. Make this favor.

9. Angry Owl Treat Bags

Owl Treat Bag

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The folks at Paper Crave have hooked you up with the template for making these mean-looking owl treat bags. Just follow their instructions and make sure they have somewhere to sleep when the sun is out. Make this favor.

8. Face Bags

Face Goodie Bags

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Take plastic bags and fill them with the candy that color coordinates to the face you’ve drawn on it. For a jack-o-lantern, maybe use orange m&m’s. For a ghost, use white Tic Tacs. The possibilities are endless, and this isn’t one that’s strictly for Halloween. Make this favor.

7. Bag of Bones

Bag o Bones

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With white chocolate-covered pretzels and a marshmallow, you’ve got one of the sweetest treat bags around. Use the pretzels as arms, legs and ribs, and color a skull face on a flattened marshmallow to complete your bag of bones. Make this favor.

6. Balloon Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Balloons

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Need a last-minute DIY favor? Take orange balloons, fill them with air and candy, then use a sharpie to paint on a jack-o-lantern face, just like you would a real pumpkin. Make this favor.

5. Coffin Treat Box

Coffin Box

These coffin-box favors might take a little effort, but at least both you and your candy will have a place to rest after you’re done. Make this favor.

4. Photo Booth Props

Photobooth Props

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No party, Halloween or not, is complete without a photo booth. Print out these awesome patterns from Bird’s Party, and turn an ordinary picture into one with a witch or a zombie. Make this favor.

3. Witch Shoe Favor Boxes

Witch Shoe

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These witch shoes make any innocent candy a little more wicked. Follow the template provided, then fill your shoe with lots of tricks and treats for your party guests. Make this favor.

2. Monster Boxes

Monster Juice Boxes

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With some construction paper and googly eyes, you can turn your child’s favorite juice box into a creepy crawler. Wrap the paper around a juice box and get to work drawing funny faces. If you want to go the extra mile, cut out foot shapes and tape them to the bottom. Make this favor.

1. Popcorn Hands

Popcorn Hands

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An oldie but a goodie – Everyone has seen this popcorn hand at a classroom party, or maybe one was even given to you while trick-or-treating. A simple DIY, all you need for this is a plastic glove, popcorn, candy corn and some string. Make this favor.


So, now you know; you can take your inspiration for Halloween Party Favors from these awesome examples, AND you can let Wholesale Party Supplies help you with our extensive collection of products!

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