Creepy Crawly Halloween Party

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Creepy Crawly Party Idea
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If you want to take your Halloween party out of the world of make believe, but still make it a legit scare-fest, play off the phobias of the real world and throw a Creepy Crawly Halloween Party.

Arachnophobia (fear of spiders), entomophobia (fear of bugs), ornithophobia (fear of birds), chiroptophobia (fear of bats). These are all real fears. So whether or not you believe in ghosts or people that turn into blood thirsty canines, you can probably sympathize with these everyday phobias. Here’s how to keep your party guests on the edge of fun and heebie-jeebies!

Our Friend Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled this Creepy Crawly Halloween Party, and if you’re squeamish, scroll to see more details! Mwa-Ha-Ha-Ha!


creepy_decorations01 creepy_decorations02

No Creepy Halloween Party would be complete without a healthy dose of cringe-worthy critters and other-worldly lighting effects. Make the main food table your focus. We chose to use lime green as our main color, and added in a lot of black props. Limiting your colors makes the main table more visually striking.

  • 6-legged and 8-legged critters send shivers down the spines of most people, so make sure you load up on them.
  • There’s something about crows and ravens that make everyone feel like they are being watched.
  • Bats. Nocturnal flying rodents. Of course they make the “Most Creepy List.”
  • Tombstones remind us of graveyards and for some of us… GHOSTS!
  • LED balloons, black light light bulbs, and glow sticks provide the perfect mood lighting.

Personalized Food Labels


Use clever titles to label your foods. Depending on what you will be serving you should be able to come up with something that fits the theme, but anything spooky will do.



After your guest fill their plates, give them a break from the rat and roach infestation. Let them enjoy their meals without having to shoo away the bugs. That doesn’t mean the dinner table goes undecorated.

  • Use tableware with a mix of solids and a simple pattern like polka dots or stripes for an uncluttered table display.
  • A gauzy table runner with bats or webs over a solid table cloth will add an texture and sticks to the theme.
  • Label each glass at the table to remind the guests what kind of spooky brew they are sipping.

Favor Ideas


  • Use clear favor containers to show off the spooky treasures for each guest to take home.
  • Make a take home “Haunt Kit” with creepy favors and caution tape.
  • Mini stobe lights make great favors for tweens.
  • Use coffin like containers to hold candy and surprise your guests by tucking a clip on spider inside.

Mini Haunted House

A creepy Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without a spooky haunted house! In this game, you’ll want to set up one mini haunted house in your party area (a dark bathroom or a walk-in closet work great).

Decorate your mini haunted house with

  • fake spiders
  • bugs
  • glowing spider web
  • hanging bats
  • mini strobe lights
  • glowing message written on the mirror
  • bowls of slime
  • fake snakes
  • black lights
  • glow sticks

Each guest will be given about a minute to go through the mini haunted house (in the dark! Only light from the glowing decorations) searching for a secret prize. Leave spooky surprises like a big bowl of slime in a drawer, or hang bedsheet ghost behind the shower curtain.

Each guest can take a turn trying to find a hidden prize or key for a surprise prize box. You could hide the key in a big bowl of green slime!

Browse for more decorations, tableware and favors for your Halloween Haunt. And if you need a costume to go with those party supplies check out





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