Creepy Halloween Feel Box

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Looking for a party activity to keep idle hands busy at your Halloween get-together? Here is an idea that will add a little mystery and wonder to the night. Imagine reaching your hand into the dark and not knowing what could be lurking beyond sight. Sound spooky? Dont’ freak out! In the safe space of your Halloween party your guests can have a little more confidence when testing their nerve in this Halloween Feel Box. Halloween feel boxes are kind of like a family-friendly, Halloween version of Fear Factor. You can easily spook your guests using items you probably already have around your home so no need to make a special trip to Target.

To make a feel box of your own you will hide tupperware bowls or baggies full of various regular household items inside a box. Each item or food meant to feel like something spooky. For example, closing your eyes and putting your hand in a bowl of peeled grapes could feel like eyeballs. Gross, right? Perfect for a creepy Halloween party!


Halloween Feel Box Supplies

  • One large shipping box or several smaller boxes
  • Plastic bowls if you use small boxes
  • Sandwich bags if you use a large box
  • Strong tape
  • Personalized labels or stickers and a marker
  • Various items to hide inside the feel box- see detailed list below

Building a Halloween Feel Box

Step 1. Cut a hole in the box large enough for a hand to fit in but not too large that you can see inside.

Step 2. Tape the plastic bowl or baggie securely inside the box so that when you reach through the hole you reach into the bowl/bag.

Step 3. Cut enough holes for each item in the feel box and tape on the rest of the bowls/bags inside the box

Step 4. Then wrap the boxes in wrapping paper to further cover the openings so people can’t peak.

Filling a Halloween Feel Box

Now the fun part! Fill the bowl with your spooky items! Here are a few ideas:

  • HEARTS– Canned tomatoes
  • TEETH– Canned corn labeled
  • DRY SKIN– Cut up balloons
  • WITCH WARTS– Canned peas
  • WORMS– Cooked spaghetti
  • EYEBALLS– Peeled grapes
  • SPIDER LEGS– Grape stems
  • FRESH SKIN– Banana peels
  • BAT LIVER– Canned mandarin slices
  • RAT DROPPINGS– Uncooked rice
  • WITCH HAIR– Cooked spaghetti squash
  • TROLL BOOGIES– Raisins
  • GREMLIN TEETH– Pumpkin seeds
  • FROG EGGS– Tapioca pudding

feelbox01 feelbox02

A few things to keep in mind when planning your game:

  • To ensure guests don’t see what they are touching, you can use blindfolds.
  • You could turn this into a guessing game where party guests try to guess what is in each bowl. Have them write their guesses on a piece of paper so they don’t give away the answers to the guests who haven’t played yet.
  • Wait until right before the game to put the spooky food items in the box. You don’t want to leave the food sitting out for a long time allowing it to grow bacteria. Yuck!
  • Before you start planning your spooky Halloween feel boxes, you’ll want to make sure your party guests don’t have any food allergies. The boxes are supposed to be scary but not dangerous!

We hope you have a spooktacular party!

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