Day of the Dead Party

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Día de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead Party

Día de Los Muertos, a Mexican spiritual celebration is a wonderful celebration of life like no other. Celebrated on November 1st, this unique holiday is a day to remember lost loved ones by passing down stories, cooking special foods, and in some regions, decorating the streets near cemeteries. Flowers, paper decorations and candy skulls are popular.

Traditionally, it is believed the dead visit the living on October 31st and leave November 2nd. Instead of fearing the dead, they would mock the dead with painting over skulls and other activities to take away the fear associated with death.



From printed custom invitations to DIY printable invitations that you can even color yourself, you can get very creative with your Day of the Dead party invitations. Here are some great invitation ideas:

  • Personalize your Day of the Dead invitations on our website
  • Design your own on a blank skull invite
  • Paint your face like a sugar skull , take a selfie and send a custom photo invite
  • Diy a Papel Picado invite by finding an image online and printing it on white cardstock.



You can get extremely creative with your decorations for Day of the Dead. In fact, in Mexican culture, the bigger the better. Hanging lanterns, life size wall covering sugar skull graphics, bright colors on black backgrounds, and lots and lots of Marigolds make a good foundation to build a beautiful table for your party:



Lots of Mexican dishes are the traditional fare for a Day of the Dead Party. From Tostadas to Empanadas, it’s all about serving those dishes that were a favorite ancestors  but you can serve them in a creative way to fit the theme of the party.



Traditional activities will be centered on celebrating the life of the loved one who passed on, such as lighting candles, playing music and even having parades. For a home celebration there are some other great ideas for activities your party, like:

Party Favors

In Mexico, people believe death is a part of life and fear it less than other cultures so it’s not uncommon to see children playing with toy coffins and figures resembling undertakers. For your Day of the Dead party, here are some ideas for party favors that you can consider for your guests:



To dress the part, looking like a sugar skull is a great idea. You can get costumed from head to toe, including hats, or you can opt for face paint and some flowers for your hair. There are even temporary face tattoos if you don’t want to sit for a long makeup!

You can complete the look of any costume with a makeup kit and a slow and steady hand. Watch the videos below or read our other how-to posts to see a step by step guide on creating a female and male sugar skull.