Decorated Donut Cookies

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Decorated Donut Sugar Cookies
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When planning a donut party, don’t forget the cookies!  We knew we wanted a cute favor idea for our Donut themed 10th birthday party and Cherylin from @treat_yo_self_treats customized these delicious sugar cookies like colorful glazed, decorated donuts. The best part is they will double as decorations on the table during the party and provide sweet swag for the guests. Follow along with Cherylin’s instructions below.

I love creating custom cookie shapes to make a unique experience for parties and events. There are tons of cookie cutters available now, especially with 3D printers, but there is an easier way to build a shape you want by utilizing existing cookie cutters.

The dough and icing recipes can be found here along with in-depth directions. For these donut themed birthday cookies, I used number cookie cutters that can be found at any local crafting store or online, and combine two of the numbers to create a custom shaped “10”.

Decorated Donut Sugar Cookies

Here is how to make a custom shape cookie using existing cookie cutters:

  • Once you have made the dough and chilled it for an hour, cut out the two shapes you want to merge. In this case, it was a “1” and “0” to create one number “10” cookie.
  • Take the “0” cutter and cut into one of the “1” cut cookies, making space to merge the “0” into the “1”. Then take a “0” cookie and combine into the negative space of the “1” so that they fit together by pressing the dough together.

Decorated Donut Sugar Cookies Step 1

  • The trick to the strongest combination of two shapes is to create the cut that allows the largest surface area where the two pieces meet.

Decorated Donut Sugar Cookies

  • Heat oven to 325° and bake for 10-12 minutes.
  • Allow to cool completely before moving from the tray, as the cookies are adhering to each other when they are warm.
  • If the numbers fall apart while decorating, use some of the royal icing as “glue” and allow the cookie to dry completely overnight before finishing decorating.


These donut cookies were so fun to decorate, and are perfect for beginner decorators. I iced and dropped some sprinkles onto the “0” first so that there would be a differentiation between the “1” and “0”. Give the “0” about 4 hours to dry before filling the “1”, otherwise, the icing joins and creates a solid shape.

Decorated Donut Sugar Cookies Step 2

Then add sprinkles, or drizzle with white icing to add a signature donut design.

Decorated Donut Sugar Cookies Decorated Donut Sugar Cookies
I also created numbers 1-9 to show how cute these cookies can be for any age party!

Decorated Donut Sugar Cookies

Following the same method, create large ring-shaped cookies to look just like donuts and you have yourself a perfect take-away favor for your party guests.

Decorated Donut Sugar Cookies

Find the perfect favor container or bag here on our site and shop for all of our donut themed party supplies here.

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