Decorating Ninjabread Men Cookies

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December is a month full of celebrating.  From Christmas to Hanukkah to Kwanza and everything in-between, our schedules are already full enough.

However, there’s another special day to celebrate in December and that is International Ninja Day.  And how do we think you should celebrate such an occasion?

Decorating ninjabread men cookies.

Ninjabread Men Cookies

Because seriously, who doesn’t love decorating cookies? No matter how old, or young, you are, decorating cookies, especially ninja-shaped ones, is fun.

Although there is no right way or wrong way to decorate a cookie, we wanted to make sure our cookies looked fierce.  For our ninjabread men, we were going for a classic ninja silhouette instead of a classic gingerbread look.  (However, picture gingerbread men fighting as ninjas. Awesome imagery, right?)

And once they’re all made up, what better way to show them off than in an epic battle of cookie versus cookie?  There may even be a few casualties…

Ninjabread Men Battle Ninjabread Men Battle 2

You don’t even need to limit your ninjabread decorating fun to just the Day of the Ninja in December.  These festive cookies are great for ninja-themed or karate parties anytime of year!   You could even add ninjas to your normal array of Christmas cookies this year.

Normally we don’t condone playing with our food, but can you blame us?  Ninjabread cookie battles are just too much fun to pass up!

Ninjabread Men Battle 3

To get started, you first need to make your ninjabread men cookies.  Use your favorite recipe (or this one) or grab your favorite mix.  Instead of using standard gingerbread men cookie cutters, find a set of ninjabread men ones.  Once they’re all cut out, bake the cookies as you normally would.  This is when the real fun starts!

Baked Ninjabread Men Cookies

Smear on your icing of choice (we chose red and black), making sure to leave the hands and eye slits bare.  How are your ninjas supposed to fight if their hands and eyes are covered in icing?  Try to smooth it out as much as possible, but don’t stress about it too much.  We’re going to go in with more icing to add the details.

Iced Ninjabread Men Cookies

We made a piping tool out of a Ziplock bag.  It was as easy a filling a corner of the bag with icing.  Then, cut the tip of the bag off.  Use caution doing this and start small.  You can always make the hole bigger, however, once it’s cut, there’s no going back.

Before we continue, let me explain my skill level when it comes to decorating anything.  I have none and I don’t hide the fact.  So if I can pipe details onto these cookies, you can too.

We just added edging around the eye slits and small details to the ninja’s stealthy suit to complete our cookies but you can add as much or as little detail as you’d like.  Keep in mind that ninjas aren’t flashy beings so don’t go overboard!

Ninjabread Men Detailing

A batch of fierce cookies is as easy as that!  Our ninjabread cookies are ready for battle.

Finished Ninjabread Men Cookies

If you decorate your own Ninjabread Men cookies, we’d love to see them!  Share your designs with us on our Facebook page!

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