DIY Party Theme: Dinosaur Birthday

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If your toddler can say Tyrannosaur, your daughter dies for Dimetrodons or your birthday boy can identify a Brontosaurus, than this party theme is right for you.

With exciting dinosaur party games, creative decorations and fun-to-eat party food this party guide will make throwing your dinosaur party as easy as 1,2,3!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Dinosaur Party Invitations and Decorations

Set the stage for party fun with these homespun ideas! The possibilities are endless when decorating for this theme and this list is vast. Just pick what works for your budget, time and space.

  • DinosaurMake your own dinosaur invitations with cardstock paper.
  • Cut dinosaur footprints from the paper. Write the party details on one side of the footprint and decorate the other side with stickers and a message.
  • Hand delivering invitations can be fun….fill large plastic eggs (dinosaur eggs) with candy and the invitation tucked inside. Then let the birthday child deliver them to friends!
  • Decorate the party area with standard balloons, streamers and matching dinosaur party props to enhance the theme.
  • Wrap bricks with brown paper to make balloon weights.
  • Use sidewalk chalk or paper, to draw giant dino-footprints leading to the party entrance and through the room.
  • Create a prehistoric dinosaur environment with paper or real plants and rocks made with crumpled browm paper grocery bags. Tip: Find rolls of brown paper in the paint section of the hardware store or at a parent teacher store.
  • Hang dinosaur posters (teacher store) on the walls and windows.
  • Use plenty of dinosaur toys as props.
  • Hang green “vine”streamers from the ceiling above the table and on the backs of chairs.
  • Cover your table with green or brown butcher paper and paper dinosaur footprints
    for a table runner or place mats.
  • Use brown and green party plates to make footprint shadow plates.
  • Personalize place settings by labeling small dinosaur toys with each child’s name.
  • Cardstock paper, a marker, a single hole punch and a dinosaur cookie cutter can be used to make personalized drinking straws.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Games and Crafts

This is a such a popular party for kids from 3-8 that the list of fun is very long.Select the ideas that work best for your party location and the ages of the children.

  • DinosaurGreet your guests with custom dinosaur tee-shirts or visors made with dinosaur paint sponges and fabric paint.
  • Bury small dinosaurs and filled plastic eggs in a big box of shredded paper. Allow junior paleontologists to take turn digging to find prize.
  • New twist on a party favorite- Play a dinosaur version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” with “Pin the Tooth on the Tyrannosaurus”.
  • Send little paleontologists on a search for hidden dinosaurs – toys or flashcards will do!
  • New twist on a party favorite- play a dinosaur version of an egg and spoon relay race, using plastic “dinosaur eggs”.
  • New twist on a party favorite – Play a game of T-Rex Tag where “IT” gets to wear a special T-Rex shirt or sash.
  • Play a “feed the dinosaur” bean bag toss game made with a clean waste basket and homemade sock beanbags.
  • Race the clock to sort herbivores, carnivores and omnivores using dinosaur flashcards and baskets.
  • If your party is for very young children, stock up on a variety of plush and plastic toy dinosaurs and place them all on a rug for playtime during the party.
  • Play “Dinosaur Make Believe” turn on the kid-friendly music and have the children pretend to be dinosaurs …crawling, roaring, stomping around.
  • Gather the kids into a circle and play “Dem Bones” Changing the words to:
    Shake, shake, shake Dem bones (3x)
    Shake dem dinosaur bones!
    The toe bone connected to the heel bone.
    The heel bone connected to the foot bone (and so on)
    Listen to this song here >>
  • Follow paper dinosaur footprints which lead the goody bags.
  • Older kids will enjoy making dinosaur sock puppets or you can make them for a favor. I would use sticky craft foam and glue dots for quick drying decorations. You can also sew button eyes and a nose.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Food and Favors

Fun- to-eat snacks, treats for “sweet-a-vores”and party favors that are sure to please.

  • DinosaurCut kid-friendly sandwiches with dinosaur cookie cutters. Favorites are cream cheese and deli slices, cheese, PBJ (check for allergies)
  • Serve warm teriyaki chicken drumsticks.
  • Kids love dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets served with tasty dipping sauce.
  • Herbivores will delight in veggies and fruit kabobs made with kid-safe skewers. Tips: I cut the skewers in half and cut the sharp tip or use coffee stir sticks.
  • Serve chocolate lava cakes with dinosaur sprinkles in the lava.
  • Prepare dinosaur egg topped cupcakes with chocolate frosting, toasted coconut and speckled Jelly Belly jelly beans.
  • Another easy cupcake can be made with cookie crumb dirt and a gummy dinosaur candy on top.
  • Everyone goes home happy with dinosaur themed party favors like plastic eggs filled with dinosaur fruit snacks and stickers, a dinosaur cookie and cookie cutter, or my personal party favorite which is a container of homemade play dough with a dinosaur cookie cutter.
  • Add homemade fossils for the kids to break open when they get home.
  • Mix up a batch of coffee ground play-dough and make your own dinosaur bone party favors with the birthday child.
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