DIY Dinosaur Nest Centerpiece

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DIY Dinosaur Nest
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In the new year, tons of things will change, but one thing will remain constant: kids’ love of dinosaurs! So, before you get too deep into your search for dinosaur-themed decorations for your child’s next birthday party, check out this easy to make centerpiece that’s sure to impress every little archeologist in your life! Don’t forget to add the dino eggs!

Dinosaurs may have existed millions of years ago, but nothing says you can’t bring them back to life in this craft! After you’re done, the little ones might want to go digging for fossils, so don’t forget to make sure they’ll find something!

Dinosaur Nest Centerpiece Supplies


  • 2 Sheets of 20” x 30” Black Foam Core

  • Krylon Stone Pebble Fine Texture Spray Paint

  • 4 Pieces of 3/8” in x 3/4” in x 6ft Tube Pipe Insulation (found at most hardware stores)

  • Duct Tape

  • Craft Knife

  • Brown Kraft Paper

  • Newspaper

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Marker

  • Elmer’s or (Other Good Quality) White Glue

  • Plastic Container/Spoon for Mixing Glue

Step 1. Tape the 2 pieces of foam core together along the long edges.

Step 2. Duct tape the ends of 2 insulation tubes together.

Step 3. Wrap the long tube together to make a large circle, that fits on the foam core. Mark where to cut off the extra tubing.

Dinosaur Nest Centerpiece Step 1

Step 4. Cut off the extra tubing, and duct tape the ends together. Hot glue the circle to the foam core. Trim off the excess foam core.

Step 5. Repeat step 3 with the remaining 2 pieces of insulation tubes, making a slightly smaller circle. Hot glue the new circle on top of the first circle, creating the basic shape of the nest, as shown.

Step 6. Mix glue and water together in a ratio of 3 parts glue and 1 part water. Mix thoroughly.

Dinosaur Nest Centerpiece Step 2

Step 7. Crinkle up some newspaper and place it along the inside edge of the nest. Rip large pieces of kraft paper. Dip a piece of kraft paper into the glue mixture. Apply the wet paper to the side of the nest, covering the insulation tubing and crinkled newspaper.

Step 8. Continue adding newspaper around the inside edge and covering the whole nest with brown kraft paper. Let the nest dry.

Step 9. Once dry, spray the whole nest with Krylon Stone Pebble Fine Texture spray paint. This will give the feel and texture of a sand or dirt covered nest. Fill the nest with our paper maché dinosaur egg party favors and our large dinosaur egg to create a cool centerpiece.

Dinosaur Nest Centerpiece Step 3

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