DIY Advent Calendar

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You know your getting old when you talk about advent calendars with sentimental nostalgia- reminiscing about the thrill of opening the tiny paper doors to reveal the hidden image of something Christmas-y. We’re are at the point of accepting that kids these days live life in an enhanced version of our own childhood memories. The Texas Instruments Speak & Spell might have been cutting edge back in the day- but kids are growing up on iEverything now.

This Advent calendar isn’t a computing powerhouse, but it sure isn’t the ho-hum version most parents grew up with. You can fill each container with trinkets, messages, candies or even credits off chores. Customize it to fit your children’s lifestyle, and fill it with surprises they will look back on with fondness 25 years from now.



  • 2 packs- Aluminum Candy Tins with Clear Lids 12 Packs
  • Command Clear Hooks (48 pk)
  • 16 x 20 Frame
  • Scissors
  • Decorative Holiday Paper
  • Sheer Ribbon, approximately 1/4” thick
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Spray paint in 4 colors- gold/green/red/blue
  • Template printed on card stock or printable sticker paper



Step 1. Spray paint the tins. Paint 6 tins in each of 4 colors. When spray painting, paint the lids separate from the tins.


Step 2. While the tins are drying, cut the decorative paper to the size of the frame backing. Use the spray adhesive to attach the paper to the backing.


Step 3. Insert the backing into the frame. Evenly space four hooks across the top section of the backing, about 1/4” from the top of the frame. Use the hot glue to attach the hooks to the frame.


Step 4. Cut and hot glue the numbers onto the tins, matching the number color to the tin color. You could also print this template on printable sticker paper.


Step 5. Cut a 8.5” piece of ribbon. Hot glue one end to the side of a tin.


Step 6. Wrap the ribbon around the tin, and add a little hot glue to secure in place, leaving the end of the ribbon loose.


Step 7. Take the loose end and wrap it around to create a loop. You can use your finger to help loop the ribbon around. Glue the end to the tin. Wrap ribbons on the remaining tins.


Step 8. Hang a tin on each of the 4 hooks. After the tins are on the hooks, glue another row of 4 hooks underneath. Hang the next 4 tins and repeat.


Step 9. When you are finished, there will be 6 rows of 4 tins. I like to hang the tins in random order, so the kids can have fun hunting the numbers. Fill the tins with candy or little gifts. The tins can also be hung on the tree after each day.

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