DIY: Angry Birds Party Cups

DIY: Angry Birds Party Cups

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AB-Cups1No guest will be angry when they take home a treat-filled party favor!

Filled with sweet treats, toys, stickers and other kid-favorites, these unique Angry Bird Favor cups are unique, easy to make and can double as a table decoration for your Angry Birds party. The little blue birds make adorable cups for holding nuts, candy or a crackers snack mix too!

Craft Materials:

  • Red, blue or yellow paper cups
  • Red, blue or yellow craft feathers
  • Orange, black and yellow sticker craft foam sheets
  • White construction paper
  • Plastic wiggle eyes
  • Glue Dots
  • Scissors

At first, we tried to get away with cutting simple triangles for the beak, but they just didn’t look right. You may have to practice cutting the breaks and eyebrows to get the right shape. But other than that, they are easy to make. The pictures will help you get it just right!


Craft Directions:


  1. Cut small strips of black foam for eyebrows.
  2. Cut two triangle shapes for each beak.
  3. Trace a circle on the white paper and cut the circle into halves.
  4. Use the glue dots to attach 3-5 feathers to the back the cup.
  5. Attach the half circle.
  6. Glue the beak just over the edge of the white belly.
  7. Add the eyes keeping them close together.
  8. Now glue the the eyebrows overlapping and pointing inward.
  9. I drew a little red line in between the two beak pieces to finish the look.
  10. Write the guests name on the back of the cup.
  11. Now fill these bird treats with prizes, nuts, chips or sweet treats!