DIY Beehive Pinata

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Are you thinking SPRING like we are? Or maybe your child is just buzzing with excitement about their fast-approaching birthday bash? Keep them busy-as-a-bee prepping for the party by enlisting their help to create the ultimate activity for their event: a beehive piñata! Using newspaper, streamers, and a few additional supplies, you’ll be able to create an amazing party game that’s sure to be a hit.

Whether you’re throwing your child a garden party or one themed after that silly, old bear Winnie the Pooh, this easy-to-make candy holder is the perfect way to enhance your celebration. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions about how to make the beehive shaped piñata as well as some cute accessorizing bumblebees.

Making the Pinata




 Step 1. Mix glue and water together in a ration of 3 parts glue and 1 part water. Mix thoroughly. Dip a strip of newspaper in the glue mixture, wiping excess glue off the paper.

Step 2. Place the strip on the inflated balloon, gently pressing it down flat.

Step 3. Continue adding glue strips to the balloon, covering it completely. Add a few layers and let the balloon dry. Once dry, snip the end of the balloon open to deflate it. The sides of the paper might stick a little to the balloon, but you can stick the end of a wooden spoon in the top and gently pop the sides back out.


Step 4. Spray paint the balloon white and let dry.

Step 5. Pour some glue in a small container and add a little bit of water to thin it out and make it easier to spread. Apply the glue/water mixture to the balloon and add a strip of brown crepe paper.

Step 6. Continue applying the glue/water and brown crepe paper, covering the entire balloon. Let dry.


Step 7. Unroll a bit of yellow crepe paper and accordion fold into a square, about 8 layers of paper.

Step 8. Cut 2 corners diagonally, and the sides of the crepe paper square. It will create a shape that looks like a house with part of the top cut off.

Step 9. After you have cut the crepe paper, it will separate it into 8 individual pieces.


Step 10. Apply a thin strip of the glue/water to the long straight edge of one piece of crepe paper. Starting at the bottom of the balloon apply the crepe paper piece. Add a second piece, overlapping slightly, as shown.

Step 11. Work your way around the balloon, to create a circle, as shown. The balloon should now slightly resemble a beehive.

Step 12. Add a new layer of crepe paper pieces around the balloon, slightly overlapping the previous layer. Continue adding crepe paper around the balloon until it’s completely covered. The beehive is complete. If possible let dry before adding the ribbon.


Step 13. To attach the ribbon for hanging, cut a slit in the beehive, about 2-3” from the top opening.

Step 14. Stick the ribbon through the beehive from the outside and pull out through the opening.

Step 15. Repeat on the other side so that the loose ends of the ribbons meet in the middle, and tie to secure.

Step 16. The pinata is now ready for hanging. You can add candy through the opening in the top. For a festive touch glue on some crepe paper bees. See below.

Making the Bees




Step 1. Fold or roll a piece of newspaper into the shape of the bee’s body.

Step 2. Wrap the body in masking tape.  Cut and shape a pipe cleaner to make the antennas and tape them to the body.

Step 3. Fold a piece of newspaper to make the wings. The newspaper piece should be long enough to fit across the body and form both wings.


Step 4. Wrap the newspaper in a thing layer of masking tape, and cut it to resemble wings.

Step 5. Tape the wings to the body.

Step 6. Cut a small piece of black crepe paper and fold it in half length wise.


Step 7. Apply a thin layer of white glue mixed with water to the bee.

Step 8. Wrap the black crepe paper around the top of the body to make the head, adding glue on top of the crepe paper to make sure it sticks. Continue adding folded crepe paper alternating yellow and black. Glue white crepe paper on the wings.

Place the bees around the table as decorations, or add them to your cute beehive piñata.


Let every attendee of the event know that your child is the bee’s knees when you add a beehive piñata into the fun. If you make this craft be sure to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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