DIY Chair Tutu – Decoration and Party Favor

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DIY Mermaid Tutu & Decoration
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When it comes to party table décor there’s one spot you shouldn’t forget, the chairs! Whether it’s a princess, ballerina or mermaid birthday party, consider dressing the chairs in tutus that can serve both as a decoration for the big day and a party favor the girls can take home. Use color palettes from the party itself and create soft tulle tutus to complete the soft party look.

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DIY Mermaid Tutu Decoration Supplies

DIY Mermaid Tutu Decoration Step 1

First, cut the ribbon to size to fit and tie around the chair. Add a few inches as it might get shortened with the knotting effect in a later step. For these chair tutus, we started with a ribbon that was 5 ft long.

Cut 24” pieces of tulle from the rolls. It’s ok if they are not exact as the tutu looks best when lengths are mixed. Feel free to mix and match colors to make your tutus!

DIY Mermaid Tutu Decoration Step 2

To assemble, tie your ribbon around the chair.  Fold the piece of tulle in half, under the ribbon.

Take the ends and insert them through the loop created.

Pull tight to secure to the ribbon.

DIY Mermaid Tutu Decoration Step 3

Repeat these steps to create the tutu the length you need for both the chairs and the party guests. Feel free to mix and match colors. Create repeat patterns or be random!

DIY Mermaid Tutu Decoration Step 4 DIY Mermaid Tutu Decoration Step 5

These tutus add so much texture and eye-catching color to a plain chair. Plus, little party guests can go home and feel like a ballerina/princess/mermaid any day of the week!

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