DIY Coffin Favor Box

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Looking for a way to add a DIY touch to the favors at your Halloween Party? This coffin container is a no-brainer. Use it as part of your favors or as a place holder at each table setting. Fill it with small candies, temporary tattoos, spider rings, severed fingers, or anything small enough to fit inside. Good things CAN come in small macabre packages!

Gather the following supplies and get started.



  • White card stock Paper
  • Mini wooden craft stick
  • Instant Coffee (regular)
  • Small Cup of Water/Plastic Plate/Brushes
  • Brown Marker
  • Craft Knife
  • Metal Ruler
  • Glue
  • Brown Felt
  • Template Printed on White Card Stock (download here).


Step 1. Cut out the template on the solid lines. The dotted lines are for folding. Using the dull side of the craft knife and a ruler gently score the dotted lines.

Step 2. Fold the scored paper against the ruler to create creases in the paper.

Step 3. When you have scored and folded all the dotted lines, the box will be ready to assemble.


Step 4. Fold the sides in, gluing the small tabs on the inside of the box.

Step 5. Finish assembling by folding in, and gluing the 2 larger tabs, as shown.

Step 6. The assembly is finished, you can fold the lid down, and tuck the tab into the side of the coffin.


Step 7. Pour some of the instant coffee on plate. Add a small amount of water to the coffee and stir around to make the color.

Step 8. Paint the coffin with the coffee, using long vertical brush strokes to mimic wood grain. Keep the brush drier, as to not saturate the paper.


Step 9. Finish painting the whole coffin, except the bottom inside of the box.

Step 10. Trace the coffin on a piece of brown felt.

Step 11. Cut out and glue the felt to inside of the coffin.


Step 12. Glue a mini craft stick to the outside of the box, and paint with coffee.

Step 13. Add lines and decorations with the brown marker.

Step 14. Fill with different Halloween candies! Hand out as party favors, or put out at place settings.


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