DIY Creepy Doll Terrarium

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DIY Creepy Doll Terrarium
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If you tune into any horror flick these days, there tends to be some reoccurring themes – blood, gore, guts and a creepy kid or doll. Whether its Chucky or Annabelle, there’s always a bloodthirsty toy that’s after the protagonist. When it comes to horror movies that feature a creepy doll, odds are it’s coming to life to try and kill everyone in the room.

And yes, these normally innocent beings often turn eerie once the night comes, only to revert back to a “harmless” doll in the day. Consider making your own collection of these movie staples and design a DIY doll terrarium this Halloween season! Use it as a centerpiece for your Halloween party or put it out on your porch with candles on Halloween night!

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled and photographed (Check out her Instagram) these creepy dolls!

Dolls Materials

• Dolls
• White and Black Acrylic Paint
• Paint brushes
• Paint palette or paper plate
• Miscellaneous glassware – Jars, globe vases and candlestick stands (not shown)


Collect your dolls. Remove any clothing and lay on a protected surface. Paint body and face with a grey paint.

Doll Step2

Paint different shades of grey all over the body parts. Apply darker greys around the eye sockets and paint the eyeballs black.


Once dry, mix and match heads and body parts in different pieces of glassware.


Stuff them upside down, twist the heads and cram them into tight spaces.


Display with black cheesecloth and flameless candles for a creepier look!


• Keep a look out for old dolls at thrift stores or garage sales. If they already look dirty and worn from lots of play – even better!
• If you plan to use body parts of dolls, take them apart before painting so you can paint the joints.
• Take paint in your fingers and rub it in the hair to give it an aged look.
• To go a more gorey approach, add red paint to make bloody dolls!

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