DIY Crepe Paper Mobile

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“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are…” As a parent, your child is quite literally your shining star and they will always shine bright in your heart through the ups and downs of parenthood. At the tender age of one children are already full of energy and every day they bring light into your life, just like a star. Okay, so maybe they aren’t burning at a temperature of millions of degrees, but they will get fired up! As long as they get in their afternoon nap, you can keep the solar flares from doing any damage! But when it comes time to celebrate their first 365 days on planet earth, we think a party to show them they are your number one superstar is in order.

Is there a more significant first milestone than his or her first birthday? Make your little one’s special day a day to remember with a twinkling star theme. Craft up a pair of DIY Crepe Paper Mobiles to be the shining stars of your Twinkle First Birthday party décor.

Twinkle Little Star Mobile Supplies:

Supplies Needed

How To Create Your Mobile:

Crepe Paper in Strips

STEP ONE: Cut crepe paper into strips. From each color, we cut 8 strips at 24” and 6 strips at 18”.

Glue 24" same color strips Inside interior loop, repeat until covered

STEP TWO: Glue four 24” same color strips to the inside of the interior hoop. Repeat, alternating colors, until the entire inside is covered.

Glue 18" strips outside loop until covered

STEP THREE: Glue three 18” same color strips to the outside of the interior hoop. Repeat, alternating colors, until the entire outside is covered.

Assembled hoops

STEP FOUR: Wrap exterior hoop with crepe paper.

Trimmed skewer to fit inside lip

STEP FIVE: Assemble hoops together leaving a slight lip on the inside.

Threaded mobile hanging from monofilament

STEP SIX: Trim skewer to fit inside lip. Set skewer atop interior hoop and glue to secure.

STEP SEVEN: Punch holes in cut-outs. Thread with monofilament and tie to skewer at desired heights. Hang the mobile from monofilament. (TIP: We trimmed the crescent moon from a worded cut-out.)

There you have it, your twinkling crepe paper mobiles. Add some flair for an unforgettable birthday to remember.

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