DIY Dinosaur Party Favor Container

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DIY Dinosaur Favor Container

DINOSAURS! The giant, ancient lizards that roamed the earth have been fascinating humans for centuries. It took us a while to figure out what the giant bones of dinosaurs belonged to, and we’ve learned a lot since the first dinosaur was named Megalosaurus in 1824. But there’s still so much to learn! That’s where enthusiastic young dino lovers come into play. Encourage young scientific minds with a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party!

But when the party is over and it’s time to send those kiddos home, send them packing with a super cute can of dinosaur tracks trail mix to remind them of the good times celebrating your reptilian rager!

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Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas


Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

First attached the mini dinosaur figurine to the lid of the paint can container using a heavy duty adhesive, such as E6000.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

After thoroughly drying, apply light coats of spray paint to cover the figurine and can lid.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Fill the paint can with a mixture with your personal trail mix creation. Think dried cereal, raisins, marshmallows and colorful chocolate candies. Together this creation becomes dinosaur tracks!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

To complete your gift, wrap the can with a foam dinosaur mask so they can role play as their favorite carnivore or herbivore at home and add a special gift tag.

DIY Dinosaur Nest      Dino Fossil Activity

Here are even more ways to bring a prehistoric look to your party decor! This DIY dinosaur nest and DIY fossil activity can add a realistic looking touch.

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DIY Dinosaur Party Favor Container Tutorial



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