DIY Disney Bowling Game

DIY Mickey Mouse Bowling Game
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Not sure what party games to play at your Mickey Mouse Birthday Party? Don’t fret! You can turn pretty much any store-bought game into a Disney-fied version with the help of a little paint. See how to transform a basic bowling game into a minimalize Disney style bowling game with the help of some acrylic paint and a creative mind.

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DIY Mickey Mouse Bowling Game Supplies


  • Bowling Game
  • Acrylic Paint
  • An assortment of paintbrush sizes
  • Decoupage glue (optional)

DIY Mickey Mouse Bowling Game Step 1

First peel the sticker stuck around the neck of each bowling pin. Begin with the largest color area first and begin painting your design. Complete additional layers, if desired. Add final details to complete your Disney bowling pin.

DIY Mickey Mouse Bowling Game Step 2

To avoid the paint chipping after the first friend knocks down the pins, apply a coat or two of decoupage glue, such as Mod Podge over the full surface and allow it to dry completely.

DIY Mickey Mouse Bowling Game Step 3

Even if you think the character isn’t coming through with this minimalist approach, it will become more apparent when lined up next to their fellow Disney friends. Once complete, line up all the Disney friends in the triangular bowling pattern and take turns to get a strike!

DIY Mickey Mouse Bowling Game

Friends will be bowled over for your unique bowling set that fits perfectly at your Mickey Mouse Disney party!

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