DIY Disney Villains Party Ideas

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Disney Villain Party Idea
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As much as you might root against Ursula, Maleficent, Scar, or Cruella, Disney movies would not be what they are without the villains. These evil characters are ones we all love to hate, or hate to love as much as we do!

This Halloween, consider throwing a Disney Villain themed party filled with lots of good versus evil mixed in. Stick with a dark color palette and enchant guests with your mysterious DIY magic mirror centerpiece. Do what these mischief makers do best and break the rules – serve only dessert! You’ll surely put them under your spell! Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled and photographed (Check out her Instagram) this villainous gathering!


Disney Villains invite

Invite your guests to a wicked good time when sending them a purple and black ivy themed invitation. Make sure you encourage them to dress like their favorite princess or evil villain in the text!


Disney Villains Table

Skip the bright colors and stick to the darker side when it comes to dressing your villain themed party. Disguise any not so dark furniture with purple tablecloths and a layer of black cheesecloth for some added texture.

Magic Mirror

Create your own Magic Mirror for your dessert buffet. Learn how to turn a thrifted mirror into this key centerpiece and hypnotize guests with your crafty talents.


Apple Bobbing

Even the meanest evil-doer loves to have some fun.
• Put an evil twist on a traditional Halloween party activity and make sure you bob for poison apples (or at least make a sign that says as much)!
• Challenge Disney fanatics to a round of Disney Villain Bingo!
• Host a costume contest with awards! Buy small trophies to award the winners or make cute DIY versions.



All villains love to break the rules so go ahead and skip the meal and just serve desserts! Use clear tableware and keep that dark color palette going in your sweets.
• Convert a sweet cupcake stand into an evil dessert accessory to hold some baked goods. Half dip your favorite chocolate cookie in purple chocolate to bring back the color palette of the party.
• Serve sweet drinks in clear wine goblets and a small slice of apple to accent. Tip: To stop the apple slices from browning, soak in lemon juice.
• When it comes to adding fruit, stick to purple grapes, blueberries, blackberries or raisins.
• Want to include chocolate? Make sure it’s dark chocolate!
• To keep this party on a budget, make larger batches of baked goodies, like brownies, and create mini brownie sundaes served in clear bowls with mini silver spoons!
• Bring back the poison apple concept and create black ones to sit on your table!



Wrap up delicious bakery made black and white royal icing cookies in a clear cello bag or favor box so they can clearly see the good vs. evil theme. Add a personalized sticker that matches your invitation and send them home with a sweet treat to enjoy later.

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