DIY Mini Donut Pegboard

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DIY Mini Donut Pegboard
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Some people are big internal thinkers and some are visual learners. Help those that fall into the latter category with visually appealing mini pegboard frames at your Donut Birthday Party! Dress up a plain piece of pegboard with a fancy faux frame and hang on your favorite glazed, sprinkle covered or powdered donuts to help to celebrate turning a decade old!

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DIY Mini Donut Pegboard Supplies


  • Pegboard
  • Paint
  • Faux Frames
  • Wood Dowels
  • Wood Glue
  • Scrap piece of wood
  • Double-sided tape or duct tape

DIY Mini Donut Pegboard Step 1

Paint the front of the pegboard with pink paint and allow to dry.

DIY Mini Donut Pegboard Step 2

Turn the pegboard over and use wood glue to attach two triangular pieces of wood to the back as stands. Make sure they are cut so the board will not be at an exact right angle and will lean a little when on your party table. This will help the donuts stay on better.

DIY Mini Donut Pegboard Step 3

Insert wooden dowels into the pegboard holes spaced enough apart to hang your donuts and use wood glue to secure in place, if desired.  Use double sided tape or duct tape to adhere the faux frames to the front of the pegboard.

Donut Party Birthday Ideas

Repeat to create a second pegboard frame and display your finished pieces on your donut party table! Allow guests to reach and grab for their favorite sugary creation hung on your DIY pegboard frames.  See more donut party ideas!


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