DIY Donut Prize Punch Game

DIY Donut Prize Punch How-To
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Looking for a physical party activity that’s fun for all yet safe to play? Make a punch box! Turn a piece of cardboard into a prize-grabbing activity. Little strength is needed as guests punch through these tissue paper covered holes and grab a goodie! Decorate your cardboard box with any theme of choice. This one is made to match our Donut Birthday Party theme, so of course, we topped it with circular sprinkle holes!

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Stop by her blog to see more creative ideas like this!

Donut Punch Box Activity Supplies


Donut Punch Box Activity Step 1

First, draw your donut shape on the front of the box. Find an object smaller than your cup mouth opening to trace as sprinkles on the donut shape.

Cut out these circle shapes with a box cutter.

Donut Punch Box Activity Step 2

Paint the front of the box with your donut design.

Donut Punch Box Activity Step 3

Once dry, turn the box over. Use hot glue to attach pieces of tissue paper over the holes. Tip: double up the layers if you think it’s too thin!

Donut Punch Box Activity Step 4

Place goodies inside the cups and use hot glue to adhere them over the tissue paper holes.

Stabilize the game on a table or lean it against the wall on the floor

Donut Punch Box Activity Step 5

On the party day, have kids take turns to punch through a hole and grab a prize from inside!

Donut Party Birthday Ideas

They will love this fun alternative to a piñata!

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