DIY Dream Catcher

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DIY Dreamcatcher Party Craft
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If only we could capture the free spirit that comes so naturally to kids. The chance to create without mistakes and to experience joy-through-doing. Big Dreamers, all of them, and we want to nurture them to keep dreaming. Well here’s a way to help kids (and former kids!) capture those dreams with this fun DIY dreamcatcher craft. The best part is that it requires no glue … perfect as a party craft activity for all ages.

Dreamcatchers have a history that originates among the Native American Ojibwe culture. They were traditionally hung over the cradle of newborns as an object of protection to ward off evil influence. Sometime during the 1970s, they were brought to market and named “Dreamcatchers” assuming the job off catching nightmares in the sinews of the web. By creating your own you can make sure to add your own sentimental touches with your unique handmade style. What a great gift to bestow on new moms or as a charm to help soothe a child’s fear of nightmares.

DIY Dreamcatcher Party Craft Supplies


DIY Dreamcatcher Party Craft Step 1


Attach doily to the hoop using floss and needle. “Sew” through doily point then wrap the floss around the hoop. Repeat and tie into a square knot to secure. Trim ends. (TIP: Doily will stretch to fit loop. To ensure it stretches evenly, attach two points at a time starting at 12 o’clock, then moving to 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively. Once those are secured, attach remaining points.)

DIY Dreamcatcher Party Craft Step 2


Cut ribbon and tie to hoop. (TIP: Knot ribbon from the backside so “tails” are slightly hidden.)

DIY Dreamcatcher Party Craft Step 3


Cut lace and tie to hoop.

DIY Dreamcatcher Party Craft Step 4


Cut hemp cording and tie to hoop.

DIY Dreamcatcher Party Craft Step 5


String bead onto hemp cord and push towards the hoop. Tie feather on, leaving a long tail. Slip bead over feather covering knot. Clip feather flush with bead and knot to secure. Repeat with remaining beads and feathers.

DIY Dreamcatcher Party Craft DIY Dreamcatcher Party Craft

Trim ribbon ends and hang using a length of hemp cord. Hang at your bedside or anywhere you think could use a little extra protection! Check out our Cozy Boho Birthday Party where this craft is on the party planning list of activities- bonus since it doubles as a take home favor.

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