DIY Festivus Photo Booth Props

Festivus FREE Printable Photo Booth Props
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This December 23rd get ready to air your grievances and test your strength as it’s Festivus for the rest of us! This fictional holiday aired on “The Strike” episode of the Emmy winning series Seinfeld and is filled with lots of rules, opinions and attitudes. Showcase Frank Costanza’s famous catchphrases, signage shown on the show and other Festivus miracles with party photo props you can DIY.  So if you’re celebrating Festivus with the rest of us with a holiday party, this DIY is for you.

This easy party activity can be made with our free printables and recycled cardboard. Follow along with the steps Tara from Spot of Tea Designs created to help you and your guests make memories on Festivus this year. You won’t need any Feats of Strength to recreate these photo booth props.

Festivus DIY Photo Booth Prop Supplies


Festivus Photo Booth Prop Backer

Download and print the Festivus Party photo props printable. Do a rough cut around the edges of each shape and use a glue stick to adhere to recycled thin cardboard (like a cereal box).

Festivus Photo Booth Props Cut Out

Cut out the shapes using fine tip scissors.  Use a ruler for any straight cuts!

Festivus Photo Booth Prop Dowels

Tape the cut out shapes onto wood dowels.

Now your photo props are ready for lots of fun at your Seinfeld themed Festivus party! (LINK TO FESTIVUS PARTY)  Tip: These pieces double as a table decoration until you’re ready for photo booth fun!

Festivus Photo Booth Prop Final

Kramer held a “Festivus Yes! Bagels No!” sign when picketing outside H&H Bagels and now you can too!

Festivus Party Favors

There was no alcohol spotted at Festivus dinner besides George’s boss, Mr. Kruger, who showed up with his own flask.

Festivus Party Photo Booth Props

Frank Costanza had some choice phrases shared at Festivus so let friends share them in their photos at your photo booth. You can even display Jerry Seinfeld, the Costanza family and the rest of the gang with these Seinfeld printable portraits.

We hope your Festivus is full of fun while you air your grievances and enjoy your dinner feast. When the head of the household is finally pinned during the Feats of Strenght your guests are free to head home. Hopefully they’ll have some fun pictures to post with these Seinfeld photo booth props!

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Festivus FREE Printable Photo Booth Props

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