DIY Flamingo Door Wreath

DIY Flamingo Wreath How-To
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Let the Flamingo Summer Party fun start at the front door with this simple, yet impactful wreath. Unexpected construction components make this décor piece that much more whimsical and will have your guests smiling even before the festivities begin.


DIY Flamingo Wreath Supplies

The key element to this wreath is the flamingo head. It is getting re-purposed from a pre-made centerpiece. The rest of the supplies are pretty standard fare.

DIY Flamingo Wreath Step 1

STEP ONE- Punch a hole in one corner of the cardboard square.

DIY Flamingo Wreath Step 2

STEP TWO- Trim hanging tabs and both lower sections from the paper fan.

DIY Flamingo Wreath Step 3

STEP THREE- Glue fan together with head inserted. Use double stick tape where needed for extra stability. Trim exposed head tabs on FRONT ONLY as needed.

DIY Flamingo Wreath Step 4

STEP FOUR- Turn fan over and flatten exposed head tabs. The flatten tabs will provide an additional place for glue.

DIY Flamingo Wreath Step 5

STEP FIVE- Glue flamingo fan to the cardboard backing making sure the hanging hole is at the top aligned with the headpiece.

DIY Flamingo Wreath Step 6

STEP SIX- Open honeycomb half way and glue to center front of the flamingo fan.

DIY Flamingo Wreath Step 7

STEP SEVEN- Trim one end of two polka dot paper straws at a 45-degree angle. Insert cut ends into two untrimmed straws, using a dab of glue to secure.

DIY Flamingo Wreath Step 8

STEP EIGHT- Glue straw “legs” to the flamingo in between the fan layers.

DIY Flamingo Wreath Step 9

Tie monofilament to the cardboard backing through the punched hole. Hang wreath and let the flamingo fun flock to your door!

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