DIY Party Theme: Fourth of July

DIY Party Theme: Fourth of July

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It’s that time of year when we wave our Star-Spangled Banners in honor of U.S.A.! From barbecues to picnics, and from watching national hot dog eating contests to nights spent gazing at fireworks, the Fourth of July continues to be a favored occasion for friends and family to come together to celebrate our country’s independence.

In commemoration of this holiday we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best DIY projects that the web has to offer. Here, you’ll find out how to make mesmerizing centerpieces, cool decorations, tasty treats, and more!

When you use these cool scene setting tips you’ll have just what you need to paint your home red, white, and blue.

1 ) Fire Cracker Centerpiece

Do you think your party needs more of that Rocket’s Red Glare? Here’s how to add the safer alternative to fireworks.

Fireworks have become an essential fixture to any Fourth of July event. Add an explosive touch to any table when you incorporate an amazing display of red, white, and blue firecrackers that you’ve made yourself.

With colorful cardstock, glitter tape, doll rods, foam letter stickers, white beans, a vase, a glue gun, scissors, a pen and a ruler, you can piece together your own variation of this fabulously festive focal point.

Idea and image courtesy of the folks at That’s What Che Said.

2) Patriotic Mason Jars

Image via maisondepax

Image via maisondepax

Put a patriotic twist on your floral display this Fourth of July by exchanging your regular flower pots for some that you’ve covered in stars and stripes. In this project you’ll transform three mason jars into an American flag.

All you need for this DIY are mason jars; red, white, and blue acrylic paint; painter’s tape; star cutouts; and some flowers for filling the finished products.

Idea and image courtesy of Maison DePax.


3) Star Spangled Clothespin Wreath

clothespin wreath

Image via

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, you can create a unique piece of decor that puts a DIY-spin on our grand old flag with this vibrant wall hanging.

In order to create this spectacular wreath you’ll need a wreath frame, two packs of clothespins, star-shaped foam stickers, patriotic shades of paint, and paint brush.

Idea and image courtesy of Preciously Paired.

4) American Flag Cupcakes

fourth4Old Glory will make appearance on each of the cupcakes for your upcoming occasion when you dress up your desserts using the icing recipe found here.

Make your favorite cupcakes and enhance each treat with stars and stripes that you’ve created using powdered sugar, cream cheese, vanilla extract, blue food coloring, red vines, and white sprinkles.

Idea and image courtesy of Lessaveurs Demimi.


5) Red, White, and Blue Punch

Image via In Katrina's Kitchen

Image via In Katrina’s Kitchen

Match your drinks to the decor at your upcoming event when you serve some tasty red, white, and blue beverages. These delicious, non-alcoholic refreshments are perfect for attendees of any age.

This easy-to-make drink combines red cranapple juice, white pina colada flavored drink, and blue gatorade over ice. Be sure to serve each glass of punch with a red or blue straw to add to the festive appearance of each drink!


6) Stars and Stripes Nail Art

As a fun, final DIY this seasonal nail art is the perfect way to instantly incorporate an Americana touch into any ensemble.

Just grab your favorite red, blue, and silver nail polishes and follow the instructions found here to paint the eye-catching design onto your own nails.

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