DIY Sparkling Fringe Gem Decoration

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DIY Fringed Gem Party Decoration
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Ready for a DIY that really shines? Add a punch of sparkly bling to your next celebration with a pair of these DIY Fringe Gems. Made to be hung, but would look equally cool as a statement centerpiece. These big gems will help rock your party decorations. We made our gems gold to match our Sparkling Celebration 50th Birthday Party but any color fringe garland will do.

Follow along with the steps below to see how to put them together. If you’re looking for more party projects to add a custom touch to your celebrations, check out all of our DIY projects here.


DIY Fringe Gem Party Decoration

DIY Fringe Gem Party DecorationSTEP ONE:

Cut sides from cardboard using this PDF for measurement reference. You’ll need 4 small top sides and 4 large bottom sides.

DIY Fringe Gem Party DecorationSTEP TWO:

Cut top and bottom squares from cardboard using the PDF for measurement reference. Punch two holes in one square if you plan on hanging the gem.

DIY Fringe Gem Party DecorationSTEP THREE:

Trim fringe to desired length. Our fringe is trimmed to 2” long, making the entire garland piece about 4” long total. (TIP: Use paper clips to keep garland from slipping while cutting.)

DIY Fringe Gem Party DecorationSTEP FOUR:

Attach smaller top sides together using paper packing tape and leaving a space in between equal to the thickness of the cardboard. Once side #1 and side #4 are attached together, a bell shape will form.

DIY Fringe Gem Party DecorationSTEP FIVE:

Cut a length of monofilament. Run it through both holes in the square piece and secure it with clear tape. Use paper backing tape to attach square to top of smaller bell. (TIP: Cut tape in half lengthwise for a better fit.)

DIY Fringe Gem Party DecorationSTEP SIX:

Repeat Step 6 and Step 7 with large bottom sides and un-holed square piece. (TIP: Fold packing tape in half before applying water. The crease makes application onto the angle easier.)

DIY Fringe Gem Party DecorationSTEP SEVEN:

Place top bell on bottom bell and adjust for fit. Attach together using paper packing tape.

DIY Fringe Gem Party DecorationSTEP EIGHT:

Trim fringe into four lengths that fit across the bottom edge of the lantern. Adhere to lantern aligning the edge of the cardboard with the top of the fringe (not the garland). Continue around all four sides. Repeat process with appropriate fringe lengths until all four sides of the lantern’s bottom are covered. (TIP: If needed, use clear tape to secure any parts of the fringe to the lantern.)

DIY Fringe Gem Party DecorationSTEP NINE:

Repeat process with fringe on upper section, adjusting placement so that top layer of fringe is flush with top edge of lantern (see picture).

DIY Fringe Gem Party Decoration Hang lantern using attached monofilament.

DIY Fringe Gem Party Decoration

They will definitely add a lot of shine to the show!

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DIY Fringed Gem Party Decoration

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