DIY Games for Quarantined Kids and Parents

DIY Games for Quarantined Kids and Parents
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This time of uncertainty is hitting hard and fast around the world. Every day there are new numbers coming out, new restrictions to follow and more people are being confined to their homes as businesses are shuttering. We feel it too. A lot of us are working from home, but for now, we are still shipping because there are still birthdays and occasions that need to be celebrated even if the guest list is limited to immediate family only.

We know the big parties you had planned to host or go to are probably canceled. We know schools and parents are doing their best to continue educating kids from home. Everything seems flipped upside down and the disorder can strain our mental health too. We encourage everyone to follow the doctor’s orders to maintain your family’s good health during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Don’t let the family suffer brain drain from being shut inside! We’ve got 6 DIY games you can put together at home with a few supplies you might have on hand and some extras items you can pick up in our shop.

Browse all of our crafts, DIY decorations and activities for ideas on how to keep the little ones busy and having fun during the quarantine.

DIY Shark Bean Bag Toss Party Game

This nautical DIY Shark Bean Bag Toss will keep the naughty kids at bay.

DIY Carnival Party Pegboard Games

Step right up for your chance at keeping the kids engaged with 3 wholesome DIY Pegboard Games.

DIY Nerf Poker - Casino Party Game

For the older crowd in the house, a few hands of DIY Nerf Dart Poker should royally flush the boredom away.

DIY Mickey Mouse Bowling Game

With so much spare time this DIY Disney Bowling Game is a sure strike.

DIY Donut Prize Punch How-To

Here is a bit of incentive for kids to keep up with their chore chart. Each one of the secret circles in this DIY Donut Prize Punch Game could hold a prize.

DIY Quidditch Goals

You might not be able to have a real 7-vs-7 game of Quidditch you could set up a backyard scrimmage with the family using these DIY Quidditch Hoops.

Stay safe and healthy out there! Please follow the rules and guidelines laid out by the local, State and Federal officials. We wish everyone the best during this uncertain time.

DIY Games for Quarantined Kids and Parents

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