DIY Googly Eye Vase

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DIY Googly Eye Halloween Vase
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Halloween is a season full of eerie creatures full of yellow, bloodshot or glow-in-the-dark eyes… and they’re all on you! Play up this festive season full of fright and sight and create a vase centerpiece featuring googly eyes!  Display the vase in the day or add glow sticks inside and put it out at your party at night.

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. She has an eye for style no matter what season it is! Take a peek at her blog to see more great eye-deas!

DIY Googly Eye Halloween Vase Supplies


First clean your glass surface thoroughly and allow it to dry.

DIY Googly Eye Halloween Vase Step 1

Apply tacky glue to the back of a googly eye and apply to the glass. Now repeat a million times. Ok not really but this can be a little time consuming of a project! Here are some tips:

  • Mix and match eye sizes. It’s really tempting to only use the big googly eyes and cut down your craft time but it creates more holes and doesn’t look as cool. Trust us!
  • Station yourself near a computer or tv and use this time to catch up on the latest binge-worthy series or your favorite Halloween flicks while working on your vase.
  • Don’t use hot glue! It melts the googly eye thus stopping the “google” but also warping the back to no longer have a flat surface.

DIY Googly Eye Halloween Vase Step 2

Once complete, allow it to dry thoroughly. Fill the vase with artificial black flowers (or go the traditional route and let yours die and wilt) and set them on your Halloween table.

DIY Googly Eye Halloween Vase Step 3

The vase also looks great at night parties! Snap some glow sticks, curve them and throw them into the vase. Tip: for extra glow, put on a wood tablecloth where the light reflects.

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