DIY Graduation Cap Gift Box

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Graduation Favor Caps
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We at Wholesale Party Supplies know that there’s one gift-giving opportunity for which there should be no guilt bestowing cold, hard cash upon the receipient: graduation. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero guilt. For there has yet to have ever been a graduate that has not been both excited and appreciative of a monetary donation in any amount toward their future endeavors.

What should leave you guilt-ridden, though is rendering said funds in an uncreative and mundane way. Thankfully, this graduation season, we’re giving you an adorable alternative to avoid any hint of self-reproach.

Graduation Favor Box

These Graduation Cap Gift Boxes are a functional and thematic substitute to a plain envelope and better yet, they take just moments to assemble, making them a viable last-minute wrapping option. It can feasibly be done in minutes and possibly even during the car ride to your event!

Truly though, the sweetest “icing-on-the-cake” is that the gift box is topped with a tassel key chain that can be taken off for later use.

Grad Cap Materials

Gather up your supplies then don’t blink because these really go together very rapidly.

Graduation Favors

Graduation Favors The treat boxes are 2 ½” square, so cut the poster board into 3 ½” squares. Use a ruler to find center and mark it. Glue tops to boxes making sure the center mark is visible.

Graduation Favor Box

Poke thumb tack into the center mark. This hole will make inserting the brad easier. Capture the key ring between the brad’s prongs then push brad through hole. Open prongs on back to secure.

Finished Product

Yep, that’s it! We told you these go together super quickly. Have fun putting these together, whether at home or in your car, and enjoy this guilt-free graduation gift giving season!

And if you’re the one throwing the graduation party this year, make sure you go to Wholesale Party Supplies for all your decorating and favor needs!

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