DIY Hanukkah Luminaries

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When one thinks of Hanukkah, many things come to mind – playing dreidel, eating too many latkes (preferably paired with applesauce!), and of course, the classic story of the Maccabees and the small flask of oil they found that lasted for an astounding eight nights instead of the anticipated one.

During the Festival of Lights family and friends gather to commemorate the period of time that the oil burned by lighting the menorah for eight consecutive days – but why should the illumination fun stop there? This Hanukkah, light up the night with these easy-to-make luminaries.




Step 1. Cut 3 pieces of white crepe paper, approximately 4-5” each. Use the foam brush to gently apply Mod Podge to the first piece. Use a piece of aluminum foil as a base for this part of the project.

Step 2. Layer the second piece on top of the first and apply more Mod Podge to the second piece. Repeat with the remaining piece. Apply more Mod Podge on top of all the crepe paper. If any piece tears, add more crepe paper on top.

Step 3. Tear small strips of blue crepe paper and use the Mod Podge to add them to the white crepe paper. Set aside to dry.


Step 4. Cut the dreidel shape from the template. Trace the dreidel on a blue favor container.

Step 5. Put a piece of cardboard in the container to protect the backside. Use the craft knife to cut out the dreidel shape.


Step 6. Once the crepe paper piece has dried, gently peel it from the aluminum foil. The crepe paper should now be slightly transparent.

Step 7. Glue the crepe paper piece to the inside of the favor box, covering the dreidel shape.

Step 8. You can cut one of the Hebrew characters from the template and paste it to the dreidel. Since I started with the blue favor box, I used a blue character.

Step 9. Repeat the above steps starting with the light blue crepe paper, white popcorn box, and the Star of David template to make the second luminary. You can mix and match the shapes on the boxes to make a beautiful indoor or outdoor Hanukkah display.

Step 10. Finish with either a battery operated tea light, or for a beautiful festive look, use blue glow sticks. Happy Hanukkah!


Make this Hanukkah’s Celebration of Lights a little brighter with these eye-catching and unique decorations, you’ll be helping to set the scene for an unforgettable holiday!


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