DIY Hocus Pocus Party Ideas

Hocus Pocus Party Idea
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You’ll cast a spell on all your friends when they arrive at your Halloween bash filled with inspiration from the 1993 classic, Hocus Pocus. Treat them to snacks and spirits influenced by the Disney flick, including food named for the Life Potion spell!

Get creative and host a fun craft session inspired by Binx the boy turned cat turned ghost. You might not be one of the Sanderson Sisters, but you can run amuck (a muck, a muck) with this fun party theme before you send friends out trick or treating on All Hallow’s Eve! Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled and photographed (Check out her Instagram) this Sanderson style soiree!


HP Invite

Invite guests to the witching hour on the big night with an invitation filled with the trendy chevron look. Tip: Fill your Hocus Pocus themed party with fun phrases and song lyrics from the movie!


HP Table

Keep the trendy chevron pattern going in your party décor but add some pops of color to liven up your main food table.

HP Tableware

Not sure which colors? Use the colors worn by Winnifred, Sarah and Mary (green, purple and red) for your magical night! Bring out the color palette in tableware and accents overhead.

HP Floating hats

Convert paper party hats into floating witches’ hats with just a few pieces of cardstock. Hang them over your coordinated food table and give the illusion that they’re magically floating with fishing line!

HP Spell Books

A witch’s table wouldn’t be complete without a few books about magic spells. In case you don’t have any extra books bound with human skin, just like the one in the movie, you can always DIY your own magic spell book. Check out our full tutorial on turning thrifted books into these creepy Halloween accessories here.


HP table angle

Bewitch guests with yummy appetizers named after parts of the movie’s Life Potion spell. Dead Man’s Toe = Mini hotdogs, Lucky Rat’s Tails = Mozzarella Sticks! What could be “Thine Own Tongue”?

HP Food

To keep that chevron theme going, customize bag tags with your phrase to add each food by name. Tip: remove the plastic loop that comes with the tag and trim to remove the hole. It won’t look like a bag tag anymore! Carefully use a craft knife to add a slit on top of a plastic critter and they will help hold up your sign!

HP details

Fill extra spaces on the table with fun themed candy, such as a vase of eyeball gumballs or layers of black cheesecloth.

HP Liquor Labels

Don’t forget about the “Newt’s Saliva” otherwise known as the drinks. Cover wine and liquor bottles with Halloween Labels to add to the creepy vibe! Make sure to stage colorful cups and straws nearby.

Not into the whole appetizer thing? Don’t get your knickers in a twist! Try the “you scream we all scream for ice cream” approach with a fun ice cream bar! Or serve a selection of witch themed desserts, like these witch hat cookies made from Oreos and Hersey kisses.


HP Cat craft

With the big night just a few hours away, chances are your crew will be a little antsy so keep them occupied until it’s time to head out.

Cat supplies

• Help them focus and turn a black paper plate into a cat, inspired by Binx, a helpful character in the movie. Tip: Make a baggie of all the pieces needed for the craft at each crafting station.
• Use a witches’ hat and more glow sticks and play a game of ring toss!
• Let them get out some energy with a little physical Black Cat Pinata action!
• Satisfy their sweet tooth with the good old doughnut on a string game!
• Carve or paint mini pumpkins and put them on display for the night!


HP Favors

Make sure your friends are safe for a night of trick or treating and supply them with some Glow Sticks as a party favorite from your bewitching evening. Add a “Happy Halloween” phrase to personalized stickers, mat on cardstock and add a slit to slip the glow sticks through.

Chances are your friends won’t think your party is just a bunch of hocus pocus when they head out the door with smiles on their faces!

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