DIY Hocus Pocus Magic Spell Books

DIY Hocus Pocus Spellbook
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Halloween is a time for witches and dark magic to make its way out of the shadows of our imaginations and into reality. So when you plan a Halloween party this year, a great theme choice would be the hit 1993 film Hocus Pocus! And the perfect Hocus Pocus party calls for its very own spell books.

Don’t worry, tracking down a book of magic spells may be easier than you think: you can DIY your own! Turn ordinary thrifted books and cheap toys into fun Halloween table accessories with some basic materials already in your craft closet! Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled and photographed (Check out her Instagram) these magical manuals!

HP Books

• Hard cover book
• Decoupage
• Black and gold paint
• Paper Towels, Tissue Paper or Paper Napkins (and small bowl of water to dampen them)
• Miscellaneous Accessories (decorative metal accents, thumbtacks, creepy plastic toys, somewhat flat trinkets, cardstock or foam stickers)
• Hot Glue Gun (not shown)

HP Books 2

Remove any paper book jackets. Arrange miscellaneous accessories on book covers as desired. Use hot glue to adhere in place. You can also use hot glue to “draw” designs on the book front, such as spider webs or even adding dimension to letters. Tip: don’t forget the spine or open the book and do both the front and back covers!

HP Books 3

Apply a coat of decoupage glue over the whole surface of the book including the layered items. Glue down dampened paper towels, tissue paper or napkins onto the whole dimensional book. It’s ok if they rip or are wrinkled. That’s the look you want! Apply another layer of decoupage glue on top and allow to dry overnight.

HP Books 4

Once thoroughly dry, apply a coat of black paint over the whole book.

HP Books 5

After that layer is dry, add accents of gold paint on the book using a dry brush technique. Tip: less is more for this step. Add more gold paint onto raised surfaces and only a light layer on flatter areas. It really makes the dimensions pop!



By now your original flat book is unrecognizable! Add this book to creepy Halloween party décor like a party themed after the 1993 cult favorite movie, Hocus Pocus, or just an accessory to decorate your home during this hauntingly fun season!

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