DIY Centerpiece for your Holiday Table

By November 24, 2015 DIY Crafts, Holiday No Comments
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Whether your halls are decked with boughs of autumn leaves or boughs of holly, we want to show you a simple way to bring the spirit of the season to your dining room table. No matter what holiday your family and friends are gathering to celebrate, when you incorporate this chic and simple DIY centerpiece into your table display you’ll instantly add an air of elegance to the room.

Below you’ll find the step-by-step instructions on how to create a stunning focal point that will help you brighten up your next occasion.



centerpiece 01

Step 1. Spray paint the small trifle and wreath gold. When spray painting the wreath, use quick short bursts of spray paint, so that the wreath just gets a dusting of gold.

centerpiece 02

Step 2. Unwrap the lights, insert the batteries and turn the lights on. Place the battery pack in the Medium Trifle. Flip the small trifle bowl over and place in the middle of the medium trifle, covering the battery pack. Gently wrap the lights around the trifle. This step is little tricky, The wires won’t end up showing, so it’s ok if they look a little messy.

centerpiece 03

Step 3. Fill the trifle bowl with the waterbeads. Be careful, the beads are really bouncy.

centerpiece 04

Step 4. Cut some of the gold beads off the necklace and add to the top of the water beads for a little extra special sparkle.

centerpiece 05

Step 5. Assemble the centerpiece. Place the trifle bowl in the middle of the wreath and place a candle on top. For a little extra bling, you can hot glue some of the beads around the base of the candle. The centerpiece should glow for at least 5 or more hours. Check the recommendation on your LED lights.

centerpiece 06