DIY Holiday Treat Cones

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When the holidays roll around, the cold weather rolls around with them. And as we all know, when we start donning our winter jackets, we start eating a bit more, too. The holidays are filled with good food and big dinners, but they’re also the best time of year for treats! Let’s face it, we all snack on them this time of year (don’t worry, there’s no shame to be had).

All season, we eat treats and give them to our loved ones. This year, make sure you give your treats out in style with these adorable treat cones! Wholesale Party Supplies gives you an easy to make and fun to give craft that’s here to help you give out your favorite holiday treats in style. ‘Tis the season for giving, so have fun treating your friends and family!

Looking for a fresh and festive way to wrap holiday treats this season? Read on and see how easy it is to turn simple party hats into deliciously cute decorated containers.

Christmas Cones 2

No fancy supplies needed, which means these come together very quickly. Here’s what you’ll need:

Christmas Cones 3

STEP 1: Remove the elastic form the party hat.

Christmas Cones 4a

STEP 2: Cut streamers into four 14” lengths.

Christmas Cones 4b

Run a thin line of hot glue down center of one strip (see black line for reference) then stack another strip on top. Repeat with remaining strips.

Christmas Cones 5

STEP 3: Fold layered strips in half lengthwise. Use scissors to create a fringe effect along un-glued edge. Adhere fringe to hat using hot glue.

Christmas Cones 6

STEP 4: Using a 15” length of ribbon, attach handle to hat at side slots.

Christmas Cones 7

STEP 5: Tie two 12” lengths of ribbon into bows. Remove bells from keychains and sew onto bows. Glue bows to hat at side slot openings.

Christmas Cones 8

STEP 6: Attach pom pom to hat point and cut-out shape to front.

Christmas Cones 11

STEP 7: Fill cello bags with treats and insert into cones. Create a gift tag by combining a cut-out shape and baker’s twine.

Christmas Cones 9

The cone’s handle and shape naturally lends itself to being hung up, so have fun delivering it with some “ring and run” antics!

Christmas Cones 10

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