Break Through with this SMASHING DIY Hulk Hand Centerpiece

Hulk Hand
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While there’s nothing associated with The Incredible Hulk quite like his signature smash, Wholesale Party Supplies has a different idea when it comes to adding something smashing to your Marvel Comics-themed party.

Follow the steps below, and make it seem like the green Avenger is breaking through your appetizer table or beverage station with this DIY Hulk Hand Centerpiece!


  • Men’s Avengers 2 Hulk Gloves
  • Large Plastic Chinese Food Tupperware
  • Duct Tape
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Black Foam Core
  • Stuffing Material
  • Craft Knife
  • Krylon Stone Texture Spray

Step 1. Cut a piece of foil approximately 6” x 12”.

Step 2. Loosely roll/fold the foil lengthwise.

Step 3. Gently stuff the foil roll into the pinky finger of the Hulk glove. Repeat for each finger.

Step 4. Fold up another piece of foil into a square about the size of a palm.

Step 5. Place the foil in to the glove, pressing it slightly to mimic the natural curve of the palm.

Hulk Hand Step 2

Step 6. Stuff the remaining part of the glove with the stuffing material, being careful not to overstuff it.

Step 7. Place the glove on top of the inverted plastic tupperware. Remove any extra stuffing if needed. Gently fold the fingers in to create a fist. The foil in the fingers should hold the fist shape. Adjust the foil/stuffing as needed to create the desired shape. Once the fist looks good, duct tape the bottom of the glove to the tupperware.

Hulk Hand Step 3

Step 8. To start the base, use the craft knife to cut out a large piece of foam core. This base was made with wavy edges, similar to a cloud.

Step 9. To create the rubble, bunch a piece of foil into a ball.

Step 10. Cover the foil ball with duct tape.

Hulk Hand Step 4

Step 11. Make several more duct tape “rocks” in different sizes. When stacked, the rocks should cover all the way around the base of the hulk fist.

Step 12. Spray paint the foam core and the rocks with the stone texture, and let dry. Once dry place the fist on the foam core and place the rubble around the fist to camouflage the base of the fist. You can secure everything with hot glue if desired. It should look like Hulk’s fist is breaking through the rubble!

This craft is both easy to make and sure to stand out at your special hero’s next Avengers party. If you decide to make it, be sure to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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Hulk Hand Tutorial

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