DIY Loot Llama favor Box

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DIY Loot Llama Favor Box
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If you want to feel like a winner at party planning, then these Loot Llama favor boxes will put you in the top spot! After the party play is over, send guests home with this treasure filled favor box that everyone will recognize as the coveted Loot Llama from the game Fortnite. The game has become a pop culture phenomenom, bringing the world’s gamers together in a battle royale. We’re certain Fortnite as a party theme is the next logical progression so we’re getting a jump on things with the DIY styles we’re known for!

We recently showed you how to convert a donkey pinata into a Loot Llama pinata. This favor box is constructed like a mini-pinata so that it can be packed with plenty of treats and trinkets. Follow along with the steps below to see how to bring this goofy little llama to life.

Loot Llama Favor Box Supplies

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box Supplies

  • Llama template pdf (get it HERE)
  • Cardboard
  • Masking tape
  • Tissue paper: turquoise, purple, lavender, dark blue
  • Cardstock: silver, purple, grey, white, black
  • Brown crepe streamers
  • Craft glue & paint brush
  • Glue stick
  • Glue gun (not pictured)
  • Scissors & craft knife
  • Ruler & pencil
  • Party favors for filler (not pictured)

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box Step 1


Use the template to cut llama shapes from cardboard. For sides, cut 2” cardboard strips. We used about 45” for our llama.

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box Step 2


Following the outline, use masking tape to adhere strips perpendicular to shape. (TIP: Curl cardboard strips into a tight spiral several times to make it more pliable and easier to crease at the corners.)

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box Step 3


Fill the box with favors then top with remaining shape and adhere with masking tape. Guests can choose to either rip box open or carefully create a “door” in the back to remove the treats.

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box Step 4


Cover head with lavender tissue paper. Cover legs and underbelly areas with dark blue tissue paper. (TIP: Spread glue over llama with a paintbrush then apply tissue. Seal with another thin layer of glue.)

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box Step 5


Cut tissue into 1” strips and use scissors to fringe long sides. Starting at the bottom, apply fringe strips to llama front, stopping at the head. Repeat on back. Trim excess fringe as necessary. (TIP: Fluff fringe as you work so it doesn’t stick to the immediate layer underneath.)

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box Step 6


Cover sides of the llama with fringe strips trimming them flush as necessary.

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box Step 7


Construct “saddle” using cardstock pieces as shown in the picture. Our saddle base is 2” x 8” with white rectangles that are 1 ½” x 2 ½”. Adhere saddle to llama using hot glue.

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box Step 8


Use cardstock to create eyes and nostrils. Attach to head with hot glue using a picture as placement.

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box Step 9


Fold a length of brown crepe streamer in half hot dog-style. Fold in half again, gluing as you go to secure. Wrap folded streamer around the head to mimic “reins”. Attach with hot glue where needed.

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box

DIY Loot Llama Favor Box

Whether you use this as a favor box, decoration or scavenger hunt prize, it can now be treasured by all and taken off the list of rare finds!

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