DIY Mason Jar Luminaries + Free Printable Template

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DIY Halloween Luminaries
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The night can bring magic and wonder to the Halloween season. Give in to this enchanting season and create haunting luminaries that look great either in the dark or in the light! Start saving used jars that you can recycle for this budget friendly craft! Even if you’re not an artist, you can create creepy custom designs using our free printable templates full of spooky characters!

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs created and photographed (Check out her Instagram) these glowing, glass luminaries. Even if you don’t feel like carving a pumpkin this year, you can still cast a seasonal glow on all the trick-or-treaters dropping by for candy on Halloween.

Step 1

• Jars
• Broad and Fine Tip Paint Pens
• Paint
• Paintbrush
• Candles (real wicked candles or battery operated)
• Optional: printable Template 1 and Template 2

Step 2

Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your jars. Apply thin coats of paint on the inside of the jars and allow drying between each coat.

Step 3

Cut the printable template in a height that will fit inside your jar. Curl it and insert it and you should see it through the glass. Use a fine tip paint pen and trace the template seen.

Step 4

Use the broad tip paint pen to fill in the larger spaces.

Step 5

More tips:
• You can use recycled jars or store bought but a flat face without bumping designs is best.
• Acrylic paint or spray paint can be used to tint the jars, but make sure you cover your workspace if you opt for spray paint.
• Remember, this template is just a GUIDE so feel free to free form draw or edit the design.
• Go slow when filling in large spaces with the broad pen. If you go too fast, the paint doesn’t flow out as well and the coverage is much thinner.

House Lum

Allow to dry, insert a candle inside and put on display for some spooky nights!

Witch Lit

When using this technique to fill in the dark bottom edge of the jar, the bottom lights up with a cool effect in the dark!

All Lums

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