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As one of the best selling video games of all time, Minecraft  has influenced the minds of many. With its simple blocky design, endless possibilities for exploring and building, and open ended gameplay that allows for unique adventures, the game appeals to a broad age range of both boys and girls.

Minecraft also happens to make a pretty popular party theme. Mixing solid table ware and décor with complementary Minecraft decorations is the easiest way to build a world for a birthday adventure! Make sure to include Steve and the Creeper to make it official. Because of the simple graphics in the game you can even customize the decor with a DIY project.

Our crafting expert Donna Martin from Swish Printables showed us that creating inexpensive and fun party décor doesn’t have to be difficult.  You can put together a quick tassel banner using an unexpected material:  plastic tablecloths!  You can create this tassel banner in less than 30 minutes!  The best part is that you only need a couple of household items to create a fun (and weatherproof) party banner!

A Tassel Garland for Beginners


Supplies needed to create:

  • 3 Standard plastic tablecloths  (Donna used three:  dark green, light green, and black)
  • 1 pair of sharp scissors
  • Yarn, twine or thick cord



  • First open the package and remove the table cloth. You’ll want unfold the cloth but keep it folded lengthwise (It comes this way – so if you unfold the smaller folds and keep the main long folds – you’re doing it right!).
  • Lay the cloth in front of you on your work surface with the lengthwise fold away from you and measure out 12-14” from the edge of the table cloth.   There should be a natural fold in this general area.
  • Cut along the natural fold line.
  • Set aside the extra material, or discard depending on how many tassels you wish to make.


  • Take the piece of tablecloth you measured, open the main fold and cut along the middle crease.
  • You now have 2 pieces of tablecloth 12-14″ wide.
  • Fold each in half.


  • Place the 2 pieces on top of each other so that the crease is away from you.
  • Roll/fold the bottom edge away from you towards the the fold until there is a 2″ margin from the fold.
  • Cut 1” wide strips into the rolled portion of tablecloth.  Do NOT cut all the way to the top of the tablecloth.  Leave the 2″ margin uncut.


  • Continue cutting 1” strips all the way across the piece you’re working with.


  • Once you’ve made the cuts, unroll your strips. You should have a long even fringe along the bottom edge when you are done unrolling.
  • Separate your 2 tassels and set one aside.  We will be creating one tassel at a time.


  • Carefully open your cut tassel and spread it out with the cut strips going to the right and left of you.  You want the uncut seam in the middle facing up and away from you.
  • Roll the tassel from the bottom towards the top.  The tassel should look like a tube with fringes on either end when you’re done rolling.


  • Once you have it rolled, twist the middle so that it becomes a tight cord and begins to twist on itself. (Don’t be afraid to really twist.  The nice thing about the plastic tablecloth is that it’s durable!)
  • Bend the tassel at the middle. You can see that it twists around almost forms a loop.
  • Take time to fluff out your tassels at this point as they may have gotten a bit tangled up.  A good shake or two is all you need.


  • Now it’s time to tie it off.  Some tutorials use hot glue to wrap a separate strip around the neck but you can use one of the tassel strands from the completed tassel instead.
  • Take one of the outside strands and wrap 3 times around the neck to cover the twisted part.  After the 3rd pass, wrap the strand over your fingers.
  • Pass the end of the strand through the space where your finger was to finish the knot. Pull gently to secure it. You have now completed your first tassel!


  • Finish with the remaining pieces tablecloth and repeat the process with the other colors until you have the desired amount of tassels.
  • One tablecloth will make about 8-10 tassels.


This is what a garland of 12 looks like.

  • To assemble, any black yarn, twine or thick cord will do. Measure and cut a piece long enough to accommodate the amount of tassels you created.
  • Thread the end of your yarn through each tassel and evenly space them out.
  • Pinch the hole of the tassel closed to make it stay put.

That’s the nice thing about the plastic tassels. Once you add them to your yarn, space them out how you’d like them and pinch. It’s super easy! Donna said she had two hanging in her house for a week and they both looked great and didn’t budge! If you want more Minecraft party ideas, please be sure to visit her at Swish Printables or Etsy!

Are you planning your own Minecraft bash for your young builder of block worlds? Show us how you customize your décor. Be sure to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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